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The Bold And The Beautiful: Battlelines Are Drawn – War For Family


Battlelines have been drawn and it’s about to get ugly as Thomas urges Steffy to fight for Liam while Quinn and Shauna discuss the conflict with Brooke.

It’s understandable that Quinn would want her best friend to stay at the Forrester Mansion in her husband’s guest house. Though, what she fails to realise is that Eric doesn’t want see Brooke upset that Shauna is getting between her and Ridge. Well, the battlelines have been drawn and we’re dreading what comes next!

Being the matriarch of the Forrester family is different from being the Lady of the House. When Stephanie was dying, she gave Brooke title after they finally became civil to each other. Also, her portrait would fall off the wall every time a woman tried to claim her husband.

Would Stephanie have approved of Quinn and her evil antics? Definitely not! To her the true matriarch is Brooke and it would always be.

Putting the battlelines aside for a moment, Thomas and Bill are rooting for Liam to go back to Steffy and Kelly.

The “Liam Makes You Happy” Merry-Go-Round

It’s no secret that Liam and Thomas despise each other, but the eldest Forrester should stay out of his sister’s love life. While we have no love for Steffy, she did have a point, scheming will only backfire. She should know as she’s done enough of it over the years.

Thomas tells his sister to she draw her own battlelines and fight for her daughter’s father. She then accuses him of using Zoe (which is correct) and being obsessed with Hope (also correct). He bluntly denies he is, but it couldn’t be further from the truth as he’s had fantasies about it and her calling him ‘sexy’ and whatever. EW!

Steffy is obviously conflicted as she’s trying to stay away from the conflicts her brother is creating. Though, she’s been roped into destroying Liam and Hope’s relationship.

Brooke Tells Hope About Quinn’s Scheming And The Battlelines Drawn

At Logan Manor, Brooke watches as Hope plays cards with Douglas. After he goes to grab a drawing he did for Beth, the matriarch tells her daughter about the issues she’s having with Quinn and Shauna. She even delves into how Thomas manipulated everything going on. Hope defends him, not wanting to believe he forced Steffy to kiss Liam.

Brooke and Liam are the only ones who can see that Thomas is causing issues for everyone. Before he came back to LA, everything was fine except the whole ‘Baby Beth is dead’ thing that was happening around this time.

Hope gives her mother her condolences after she is told that Ridge was kissing Shauna. Brooke then tells her daughter that they shouldn’t be helpless and that they should be fighting back.

Quinn Continues To Rage On About Brooke

Quinn has always hated Brooke, but has remained civil because of the family but now her best friend is in the picture, everything has gone out the window. She has pushed for Shauna to go after a married man who was having marriage issues. It’s no wonder Brooke exploded! Sure, she too has done some evil things too over the years, but she’s tame compared to Quinn.

Brooke doesn’t parade around saying she’s the Forrester matriarch when she’s the one Stephanie placed in that role. Quinn only thinks she herself is the rightful matriarch because she’s married to Eric and her portrait hangs above the mantle.

She has no right to push Shauna onto Ridge despite the chemistry between them. Also, she forgets that everyone hated her guts before she married Eric. Does she forget that Steffy slapped her to the ground? And what about the time no one showed up to her and Eric’s wedding because the whole family boycotted?

Also Brooke has been a member of the Forrester family on and off for DECADES! Quinn has only been Eric’s wife a few years. She shouldn’t have a say in who should be in and out of the family but neither should Brooke. Eric is the patriarch of the family and he should tell them both to pull their heads in.

Family Before Friends And Battlelines

Eric is one of the sweetest and probably the most sane person in the whole show. He has a lot of loyalties and that’s a problem. He loves his wife, but he has a great love for Brooke who was once his wife and is the mother of two of his children.

Quinn doesn’t have the same bargaining tools that Brooke does. Sure, she cheated on Eric with Ridge and it caused problems but she’s done so much more crazy shit. She pushed Ivy off a bridge, made Hope trip down the stairs and miscarry her grandchild, almost killed Deacon and her craziest scheme? Falling in love and kidnapping Liam.

Eric also ships Ridge/Brooke together. He has seen them find their way back to each other time and time again and to him, that’s destiny.

Quinn doesn’t like be undermined and she is very easily threatened. While she thinks she’s hardcore and strong, but she’s actually the total opposite. She doesn’t like anyone ‘ruining’ her perfect life that she deserves to have. In other words, she’s a gold digger who confuses generosity for love.

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