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The Bold And Beautiful: *sigh* There’s Another Love Triangle Brewing And We’re Spewing!


What is it with the stereotypical love triangle in soap operas? The Bold and the Beautiful is notorious for them and it looks like now that the Brooke/Ridge/Shauna triangle is over, they’re moving onto Liam, Steffy, and Finn. God. Help. Us!

The love triangle isn’t anything new when it comes to soap operas. We’ve seen a lot of them over the years on The Bold and the Beautiful and it’s not going to end any time soon either. For years, it has always been about the Logans, Forresters, and Spencers. Now, they’re moving into new territory… kinda.

Steffy being hit by Bill in his was a tragic accident. We know this and then she got hooked on her opioid pain medication and the whole situation spiralled out of the control. She accused Liam and Hope of kidnapping Kelly when they were only looking out for her. The situation grinded to a halt when the Forrester heiress pulled a knife on the couple, Brooke, and Ridge. In that moment, she started to realise she had a problem.

From the beginning of her recovery to now, Steffy has found her new doctor John Finnegan aka Finn to be very attractive. We agree. He’s a hot doc. However, the heiress’ ex-husband, Liam who also happens to be the father of her daughter blames the medical professional for getting her hooked on the meds and says his attraction to her is not right.

Cue the eye roll. Is Liam jealous that his ex-wife is moving on with someone who appreciates her? We break it down right now!

Triangle In The Making

Okay, Steffy is a big girl who can take care of herself. There is no denying that she has feelings for Finn and he feels the same for her. However, Liam needs to back off. We get he will always be there for her since she is Kelly’s mother, but come on! He is interfering in something that doesn’t concern him.

Also, Liam is married to the ‘love of his life’, Hope while he still rushing to Steffy’s aid. Imagine who his wife is going to feel when he realises this. We agree with Bill. His eldest son is still in love with his former spouse! Hasn’t he learned anything from the past ten years?

He has jumped between Steffy and Hope like they’re food buffets. He literally got one pregnant and left her when he learned she’d slept with his father and then got the other preggers too. Also, he puts triangle into ‘love triangle’.

If Steffy wants Finn, she should go for it. That’s what everyone else wants for her. This includes Hope. Now, for all you Steam fans out there, we hate your coupling considering it’s common sense that Hope and Liam were together first. Don’t believe us? Look it up online.

Let Steffy Be Happy For Once! Is That So Difficult To Do?

When Liam and Hope got engaged for the millionth time before the incident with Beth, Steffy graciously put herself out of the running and focused on being a mother to Kelly. She wanted to put the drama of the last decade behind her. Then, Thomas got in her ear and the whole triangle simply erupted again.

Steffy needs a guy who will focus on her and not have a wandering eye like Liam. While he is Kelly’s dad, he also has Beth with Hope and by extension, being big cousin/stepdad to Douglas. We love that she is willing to change and can show vulnerabilities.

How many more times does Steffy have to go on the triangle rollercoaster with Liam and Hope? He’s always going to choose his current wife over her like Ridge will always pick Brooke over Taylor. She needs to be with Finn! Give us Sinn already!

The writers have a real issue in favoriting the Logan women over the Forrester ladies. Taylor’s not a Forrester anymore but who cares? She shouldn’t be treating her own son for his mental health!

We’re pro-Logan, but The Bold and the Beautiful needs more variety in who is paired romantically with whom.

Liam, Get Off Your Damn High Horse!

To our dearest waffler Liam, you need to realise that your dad was right. Steffy is no longer your wife. Hope is. You don’t get a say in her recovery or who she hangs out with. Finn might not have seen the signs straight away but he is a medical professional who warned her about how addicting opioid medication is.

Hope was right when she said that Finn helped Steffy get into the rehab program. The hot doc is not satan, Liam! It’s not like he seduced her and he would never harm Kelly! You need to step back and breathe. If you loved Hope like you claim to, back away from your ex because she’s ready to move on. Are you?

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