The Bold And The Beautiful

The Bold And Beautiful: Bold Is Back… With Flashbacks And What’s To Come!

Bold is Back

Bold is back! After months without Forrester, Logan, and Spencer drama, Bold and the Beautiful has returned to US television and TenPlay!

Have you been missing, the high stakes drama of Los Angeles? Well, Bold is back and it’s airing now in the US and on TenPlay for Australian fans eager to get back into some form of normalcy. We watched the first new episode and boy do we have some things to say!

Without further fanfare, let’s get into it.

Only Three Characters

The first episode was filmed prior to the production shutdown. So the first episode only contained Katie, Zoe, and Carter as the model and the lawyer needed to be updated on what was going on.

Katie explained the whole Sally’s illness thing, but not the part she didn’t know; what it was all a scam. She also explained the whole thing with Quinn destroying Brooke and Ridge’s chances of a reunion where she exposed the Brill kiss.

Carter also talks to Zoe about her disastrous wedding to Thomas where he dumped her at the aisle after seeing Hope in that god awful wedding dress he designed.


Something tells us that they only shot enough footage for part of an episode, but we could be wrong. After all, they did include more flashback footage than there was new footage. It could’ve been 50/50 but we’re not entirely sure.

The flashbacks were as follows – please note these are not in order of how they were shown:

  • Everything going on with Sally’s lie
  • Quinn exposing Brooke and Bill’s kiss to the entire family
  • Steffy, Liam, and Hope’s plan to expose Thomas at his own wedding with assistance from Zoe
  • The stuff with Ridge and Shauna
  • Quinn telling Shauna to go after Ridge

What’s To Come?

Towards the end of the episode, we saw a sneak peak of what’s coming up on the show in the next few weeks:

  • Bill accidentally hits Steffy with his car while she’s out on her motorbike and she ends up in hospital.
  • Ridge and Shauna end up married during their adventure in Vegas
  • Sally ends up in hospital for some reason
  • Flo is kidnapped by Penny and Sally and basically held for ransom (we kid on that last part)
  • Ridge tells Steffy, Eric, and Quinn that his marriage to Brooke is over
  • Steffy’s doctor is Doctor John Finnegan and they begin dating
  • Sparks begin to fly between Zoe and Carter
  • Brooke tries to woo Ridge back to her
  • Thomas returns and tells Finn to be good to his sister

We saw the sneak peek this morning and we missed the Thomas bit. Good thing we watched it again! Man’s got himself a beard!

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