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The Batman: Matt Reeves And Robert Pattinson Debut New Bat Suit


The Batman has been production for a few months now, but we haven’t see the new Bat Suit until now…

Every actor to take on the iconic DC Comics character, Batman has always had a suit that caters for their version of the Dark Knight. Now, Robert Pattinson has gotten to show off his costume for his iteration. We were even given plot elements for the film.

First, let’s take a look at the new Batman suit.

Enter: Robert Pattinson as Batman

[Credit: Matt Reeves on Vimeo]

Instead of unveiling the new Batman suit on YouTube, director Matt Reeves revealed it on Vimeo as seen in the video above. As the title of the footage shows, this is just a camera test and will likely look different when we get the first trailer.

The score you hear is by Reeve’s longtime collaborator, Michael Giancchino who has worked with him before.

This suit is something fans weren’t expecting. When we get to the synopsis we’ll explain why, but the awesome part is the cowl. It looks like it’s made of metal as dents appear to be in the nose piece.

Plot Elements

According to YouTuber Pagey, Matt Reeve’s The Batman has been described as “defining” and “very personal”. It won’t be an origin story of how Bruce becomes his hero persona. Also, Wayne will be in his second year as being the The Bat when the film takes place.

However, it’s unclear how this film will fit into the wider DECU (Worlds of DC). We say this because Bruce was in his mid 40s by the time of Justice League. This will be the first film to feature to Pattinson as the Caped Crusader and will possibly be part of a trilogy. If this happens, we could be treated to other Batman stories like Death in the Family, Under the Red Hood or the Killing Joke.

The Batman soars into cinemas in June 2021.

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