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Terry Gilliam Hates Marvel Movies Full Stop

Terry Gilliam

What is it with the older generation of Hollywood hating on the Marvel Cinematic Universe? First Scorsese and Coppola and now Terry Gilliam…

Go fuck yourself, Terry Gilliam! Those would be our first words to the famed director. The man, who is white has voiced his opinion on the 2018 Ryan Coogler directed Black Panther. In an interview with Complex, the guy behind Monty Python says he doesn’t think the team behind the $1Billion box office hit went to Africa to research the film.

This is a typical response from someone like Terry Gilliam who clearly lives in a cave. Not all older generation white male filmmakers are like this. Look at Christopher Nolan for example. He directed three Batman films and no one criticises him. But, then again, Nolan is white. Also, Coogler clearly stated that he and his team went to Africa. Why would he lie about that?

Terry Gilliam is one of those men who just doesn’t understand what it means to be black. Though, he seeks pleasure in telling black people what to enjoy. He also appears to not have Googled the topic before he spoke about it. Also, it’s possible he’s just a bitter old man who hasn’t had one of his films earn over a $1Billion at the global box office or earned him an Oscar nomination.

He Does Realise That The Story Is Set In A Fictional African Nation, Right?

Besides being an old foggy, Terry Gilliam forgets that the film was set in a fictional African nation. Fiction should be something he’s familiar given that he was involved in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. According to him, Black Panther “made his blood boil.”

The nerve of the man’s comments is just one of many. He also criticised the film’s importance labelling it to be “bullshit”. He should be in an old folks home and not running his mouth. All these older generation directors have a right to express their opinions, but they don’t think before they speak. The films have a great importance to a lot of people around the world.

We can bet that if you asked a fifteen-year-old kid who Terry Gilliam is, they’d look at you like you were mad and ask “Who”?

Yeah, you tell ‘im, Korath!

Anyway, Terry Gilliam should just shut up! Old men who can’t see other people’s joy should take a long look at themselves. If the late great Stan Lee didn’t think the superhero market was profitable, he wouldn’t have helped establish Marvel into the powerhouse it is today. He would be rolling in his grave if he knew what Gilliam, Scorsese and Coppola were saying.

Enough our rant! It’s not really worth our energy. We love the MCU and that is never going to change! Be sure to subscribe to the blog and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @cjhawk93.

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