Batwoman: Tensions Run High!


The GCPD makes tensions run high when Ryan, Luke, and Sophie end up arrested for the colour of their skin…

After a fundraiser is interrupted by the GCPD due to a ‘noise complaint’, Ryan and Luke end up behind bars because of the colour of their skin. To make matters worse, Sophie joins them despite using the fact that she’s a Crow to her advantage. Meanwhile, tensions run high as Alice faces the truth; Circe Sironis in fact, her meant-to-be dead twin sister, Kate while Ocean consoles her. Elsewhere, Mary continues to treat her father for his Snakebite addiction while also helping a guy who has zombie-like urges.

This week’s Batwoman explores the unfairness of the law system it comes to the black community in the form of racial discrimination and unlawful imprisonment. This is evident when Ryan, Luke, and Sophie are arrested for no reason by white police officers. There is also the theme of corruption when Tavaroff kills snakebite addicts before Batwoman has a chance to cure them. He also shows a sexist and racist bias towards Sophie because she is a black woman in charge of the Crows while Jacob is out of commission.

Mary and Jacob also have a bonding moment as he helps her deal with the Snakebite victims in the clinic. This is the first time in a while that they’ve been in the same room together without a fight occurring. While she doesn’t feel sympathy for him because she lost the same people he did with her mother, Kate, and in a way, Beth, she is not shutting herself off like he is. She is trying to find a way to help people in order to prevent what happened before.

Not to mention, she is still upset with him because he wants to live in a fantasy where Beth and Kate are still alive while he neglects her, the woman he raised.

With Alice And Ocean…

After Alice is let go by Black Mask, she goes to Enigma and orders her to show her how to snap Kate out of her brainwashing. As tensions run back-and-forth, she is told to get something that meant a lot to her sister. Going to her…Subway car?, she grabs the keys to her twin’s beloved motorcycle before Ocean shows up.

She reveals that her sister is alive and they embrace. They return to Enigma who reveals that Alice needs to have a trigger word to snap Kate out of her brainwashing. However, before this can happen Ocean snaps the hypnotist’s neck before an answer can be given.

Distraught, Alice demands him to tell her why he killed the only person who can assist her in getting her sister back. Ocean tells her he loves her and that Kate is selfish for not choosing her own flesh and blood over the people of Gotham. It’s unclear what the villainess will do next but whatever does happen, it’s not going to be pretty.

One Member Of The Bat Team Is Shot

Just when Ryan has another reason to hate the Crows, she will not be happy to learn about the fate that befalls Luke. As he waits for his Uber he talks with Mary on the phone, he sees the guy who was in the prison cell with him, Sophie, and Ryan breaking into a car. He tries to stop him when Tavaroff shows up and shoots him, leaving his fate unclear.

This week’s episode’s conclusion is shocking. What fate will befall Luke? We hope to god he doesn’t die!

Batwoman will return on June 6 (in America) on The CW.

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