Stargirl THEORY: Could The OG Wildcat Ted Grant Be Yolanda’s Godfather?


Yolanda Montez’s character arc has shown a character can go from be a popular girl to being viewed as nothing more than a slut in the eyes of their peers to becoming a hero with the confidence to take on that world. That is what we’ve seen from Yolanda Montez. However, was the reason she became Wildcat because she has a tie to the OG Wildcat, Ted Grant? Could he be her godfather?

Just a note before we jump into the main post. I would like to give a shoutout to StargirlFan on Twitter for DMing me the idea for this article.

Yolanda Montez has been through hell. First Cindy Burman beats down by using the nude photos she sent to then-boyfriend Henry King Jr against her, then everyone turns against her. It’s not until Courtney Whitmore recruits her to her superhero team as Wildcat. However, could it possible that Ted Grant is his successor’s godfather? We explore this possibility and whether it might be addressed in the show at some point.

But first, we want to say we were generally surprised when we discovered that our theory about Starman’s sister Merry being Henry King Jr’s mother was correct actually a massive OFMG moment! Anyway, let’s begin our breakdown.

Explaining Yolanda And Ted’s Relationship In The Comics

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Unlike her Stargirl counterpart, the comics version of Yolanda Montez was born a metahuman as part of machinations done to her mother, Maria when she was pregnant by mad scientist Benjamin Love.

As a child, a young Yolanda learns of her powers but doesn’t know why or how she came to have them. Her godfather is Ted Grant who unbeknownst to her is Wildcat who, served as a superhero in the 1940s. He served as a close friend of her parents. They come to share a close relationship that could be described as close father and daughter.

However, during Crisis on Infinite Earths, Grant is injured while saving a child from danger. Yolanda decides to become her godfather’s successor which annoys him to begin with. Though, he later gives his blessing for his goddaughter to take on his mantle.

The Link Between Ted And Yolanda In Stargirl

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While she is not a metahuman in Stargirl, Yolanda’s powers come from her suit which was once worn by her predecessor, Ted Grant. The suit resizes itself in a Black Panther type of way once she puts the cowl on. She is also a fan of Ted Grant. This where the relationship between the two Wildcats ends.

We’re not sure, but there’s a photo in the episode ‘Wildcat’ that hints at Ted being an inspiration to Yolanda, but that’s as far as it goes.

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There is no mention to Ted being Yolanda’s godfather anywhere in any mention of them even having a connection outside of the fangirling. Whether it is referenced at another time is unclear.

What Are The Chances Of Ted Being Yolanda’s Godfather In The Series?

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So, what we think are the chances of Ted being Yolanda’s godfather are in the series?

If we’re honest, the chances of this happening are pretty slim. As the fact has not been mentioned by now, it’s probably not going to happen. If this had been the case, Yolanda would’ve mentioned it to Courtney and/or the other members of the JSA by now.

For those who are going to the argue about the photo she has in her room, please don’t. It’s possible that the picture was cut from a magazine. There’s a load of reasons why it would be there. From a production standpoint, it would’ve been a nod to the relationship Yolanda and Ted had in the comics. Also, if you look at the photo, it looks recent despite the fact that it’s in monochrome (black and white).

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