Stargirl Season 2 Has Finally Had a Teaser Trailer Released During The Premiere Of Superman & Lois


We’ve finally got a teaser for Stargirl Season 2!

We’ve finally got a teaser for the upcoming Season 2 of Stargirl and we’re so excited even if it was only 9 seconds long. This happened during the premiere of Superman & Lois. Here’s the video courtesy of YouTube channel, TV Promos:

[Credit: YouTube – TV Promos]

We don’t get much information from this teaser because of how short it is thought it did give us a few new shots. The one that we got the most focus on was the last one where Courtney is seen in her Stargirl outfit with a jacket over the top and she’s talking to someone saying something about “It’s her destiny.”

Now, we assume she’s talking about how being Stargirl is her destiny. However, this is not the first she has said this. If she’s in her costume with a normal jacket without her mask on, then she’s likely not talking to her parents, brother, or her friends. It’s possible she’s talking to someone else who is now in on her secret. There’s a ton of possibilities here:

  • Ysa Penarejo’s character – Jade? – Possible
  • Cameron – Maybe
  • Jakeem – Possible
  • Thunderbolt – Possible given his ties to Jakeem and the OG JSA
  • Mike – Maybe but definitely more than likely than Cameron
  • Sylvester – Definitely Possible – Return still not 100% confirmed despite Geoff Johns mentioning him in an interview

Now, we don’t know where in the season this footage comes from but if we had to guess, it might be from the first episode. Only time will tell what is actually going on here.

Before we end the post, we need to point out that we actually have a concrete estimate to when the show returns. The promo says Summer meaning the American summer which occurs roughly around June through to August. When we have more intel, we’ll share.

Editor’s Note: I’m not American so I don’t know exactly when the American summer is but I have a rough idea.

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