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Home And Away: Taylor Slips Up!


Taylor made a slip up in front of Angelo that might cause her affair with Colby to unravel!

As the wife of a detective, Taylor Rosetta knows a thing or two about keeping a lid on it. However, she has just made a grave slip up that might cause her affair with Colby to come undone. While we don’t know what is going to happen moving forward, it might be the push Angelo needs to get Colby exactly where he wants him.

After having… breakfast? together, Angelo sees how relaxed his wife is and questions her about it. She says everything is fine – despite hiding her affair – then teases him. As the conversation progresses, she makes a slip up that cost her greatly.

She begins to defend Colby by saying there is no way he killed Ross and that there were other witnesses. This causes Angelo to ask more questions. Taylor is forced to side step and says she read the information in an article somewhere.

Later, Colby walks out on the balcony of the flat and sees Angelo watching him from the pier.

Our Thoughts On Taylor’s Slip Up

We don’t blame Taylor for the slip up. Given the circumstances, it was going to happen one way or another. To say Angelo is obsessed with pinning the crime of Colby is hitting the bullseye.

Colby did the crime is telling Taylor he didn’t do it just to cover his tracks. He shouldn’t have killed Ross but we understand why he did it. If he didn’t do something, Nixon would have kept coming after him and Bella and he would not have stopped.

Chelsea had every right to end things with Colby when she did. She married him because she loved him and didn’t want to be caught up in a murder investigation if Ross’ body ever showed up. We know she was questioned (offscreen) about it and the only thing she revealed is the day the incident happened it was the day her and Colby’s marriage ended.

In conclusion, Colby is getting in far too deep and it might end up in him losing his life.

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