Royal Split: Are Harry And Meghan Throwing A Tantrum Over The Queen Banning Them From Using ‘Sussex Royal’ Name?

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Are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex throwing a tantrum over being told they cannot use their Sussex Royal brand name after they’ve officially left the royal family? It would appear that way and we’re going to break it down.

It’s just a bloody brand name! Are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex upset about the queen binning their usage of ‘Sussex Royal’? It would appear so. As the world already knows, the couple will officially cut ties with the Royal Family at the end of the month. However, the Queen has put her foot down about their endorsement name. They can no longer use the word ‘Royal’. Well, it appears the pair have created controversy by throwing a huge tantrum.

Meghan’s Doing

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While we do not like Meghan but we don’t hate her either, this has to be her doing. Harry has wanted to get out of the royal family for a long time as he’s always felt trapped in the Firm’s bubble of rules and protocol. What makes this hard to swallow is we have a hard time believing the former Party Prince would be upset over something as minor as being stripped of a brand name.

However, Meghan is allegedly famous for throwing a tantrum when things aren’t going the way she wants. Remember the whole issue around the tiara she wanted to wear on her wedding day? Harry is alleged to have said,

What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.

This shows how much of a perfectionist she is. It’s her way, or no way. However, with the whole tiara debacle, she ended up using another one and everything was fine after that. Though, there’s still a theory floating around that the piece Princess Eugenie wore on her big day, might have been the one Meghan wanted.

We have every confidence that Meghan is the one throwing the tantrum because all she wants is to have privileges without the work. Her sister-in-law, Catherine learned to deal with the spotlight during the eight years she and William were on and off. Meghan didn’t last eighteen months before she realised being a royal wasn’t for her. Something tells us she should have listened to her friends.

Royal Tantrums Are Nothing New For Harry And Meghan

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Okay, so we said Meghan and Harry had a tantrum about Sussex Royal being scrapped. However, the couple are no strangers to causing issues. When they announced they wanted to be financially independent, they wanted to be half in, half out of the Firm. During the meeting Harry had with his grandmother, father, and brother, he was told it was either in or out. Not both. In the end, he and his wife chose out.

The couple also keep throwing tantrums regarding what is printed about them in the tabloids. Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle Senior allowed a letter his daughter had written to him to be published. There were also other things too the overconfident royal couple didn’t like so they’re suing the publications.

We’ve lost a lot of respect for them as they need to realise that yes, the media is going to print horrible things that obviously aren’t true. But trying to right a wrong isn’t as easy as they like to think it is. We also understand that they’re trying to protect themselves and their son from ridicule but not everyone has to like them. Their mental health is one of the most important things, but causing fights and suing people is only going to cause more issues than what they’re solving.

Grow A Thicker Skin Or Take The High Road And Escape?

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One thing a lot of commentators have agreed on is that Meghan needs to grow a thicker skin when it comes the public eye. She spent a good portion of her life as an actress. However, until she and Harry got together, very few people knew who she was unless they’d seen Suits or followed her now defunct blog, The Tig.

Being involved with a royal as high ranking as one of Prince Charles’s sons often means being in the spotlight regardless if you want to be or not. Catherine was constantly criticised in the early days of her courtship with her now-husband. She was branded “Waity Katey” by the press. There’s no doubt the criticism hurt, but the now future Queen Consort knows to keep walking and ignore the press.

Meghan generally believed that being married to a Prince was going to be simple and that it would be no different to Hollywood. How very wrong she was. It’s very different. Criticism comes on a daily basis and there’s no stopping it and it doesn’t matter how often you sue.

Are Harry And Meghan Going Too Far In Trying To Achieve What They Want?

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If we had to narrow down talking points about the issues Harry and Meghan are facing, we would have to say yes, they are taking it a step too far. We get that they’re trying to protect their family, but throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get what they want? That’s just childish! They’re fully grown adults with an almost 1-year-old son.

With Harry wanting to live a ‘normal life’ is understandable as he watched his mother get hounded by the media until her death. He has never recovered from losing her and it’s understandable as he was just a child when he walked behind her coffin with his brother, grandfather, father, and uncle.

Meghan is the one we doesn’t understand. She got the guy and thought being a royal would be easy. Sorry, love, but it’s really not. Being a duchess is very different to being an actress. You can’t just demand what you want and complain when you don’t get your way. Take a leaf out of Catherine’s book. She had eight years to prepare for being a Duchess. You, our darling Meghan had eighteen months. That’s not enough time.

Also, it’s silly to get upset over a brand name you were using being taken away. If you’re not actively being a royal anymore, then you can’t use a brand name that has the word ‘royal’ in it. Plain and simple.

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