The Firm Makes A Good Point: What Are Harry And Meghan Trying Achieve In Their Mission To Bring Down The Monarchy?

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Why exactly are Harry and Meghan attempting a take down of the monarchy? The Palace would love for them to answer that question.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey seems to have opened a lot of wounds that simply will not close. It appears the goal of their chat with America’s talk show queen was to achieve one thing; to turn the public’s opinion of the monarchy on its head. While this was not actually achieved, Roya Nikkhah asks the question of why do they think a take down is necessary? For what purpose and what do they think they’ll achieve? In an article for The Times, the royal correspondent puts the issue on full display.

As the article states, the Sussexes think the Queen is an amazing woman, but why are they trying to bring everything she has worked for to its knees? The palace doesn’t understand what they’re trying to achieve with their take down. These two privilege and self-entitled brats don’t realise how much it must hurt Her Majesty to have her grandson and granddaughter-in-law being the ones to throw rotten fruit at something they willingly wanted to be a part of.

Harry implied during the interview that his father and brother are trapped within the Institute and cannot leave which makes the royal family sound like a cult. He also states that he never thought he was imprisoned until he met Meghan. Okay, this is not the true Duke of Sussex talking. This is a Markle flying monkey speaking who happens to look like the prince.

Before we continue, other flying monkeys include: Omid Scobie, Jessica Mulroney, Oprah, Gayle King, Janina Gavankar, Patrick J Adams, Abigail Spencer, Daniel Martin, and Silver Tree. Also, the term ‘flying monkey’ is NOT derogatory. It is used to describe those who follow everything a narcissist does. Don’t believe us? Check out this post from Psychology Today.

How The Palace Is Reacting And The Public Knows The Actual Truth

[Credit: Vanity Fair]

According to Roya Nikkhah’s aforementioned article, the courtiers are utterly appalled, calling the interview, “Soprah” or “the Sussex Circus”, which by the way are accurate depictions. Other royal sources are quoting saying different things about Harry and Meghan’s ultimate betrayal.

What they consider the biggest slap in the face of all is how the Sussexes are throwing the dummy out while Harry’s paternal grandfather, 99-year-old Prince Philip is still in hospital. How in their right mind would do a tell-all interview when an elderly relative is still recovering from a potentially deadly ailment? All the California royals seem to care about is ruining the institution. The Duke of Sussex told Oprah that he is trying to ‘educate’ his father and brother in the idea they are ‘trapped’.

First off, he has no right to say that when he himself is stuck in his wife’s home state of California with only James Corden and his new ‘father figure’ David Foster as company. He can cover for Meghan all he likes but the public knows the truth; it was her idea to return to her roots.

If the Queen could speak out about this, she probably would. Her duty is so much greater to the British public and the overall Commonwealth than her petty grandson could’ve ever thought possible. If he didn’t follow Meghan around like a lost puppy than he might be able to make his own decisions. But, he cannot. He is just parroting what his wife wants and she is using him to not only up her own image as a saint, but to bring down the institution that stood up to her.

The Race Response

[Credit: Newsweek]

Earlier, we mentioned in another post about how the Kingdom Choir is backing Prince Charles up in this massive family squabble. Harry and Meghan’s claim that someone within the family questioned Archie’s skin tone. Now, we’re not condoning the comment by any means, but we’ve been scouting Twitter a lot the past few days and mixed couples who are on the verge of having children often question what genetic traits their child will have. They both answered the question, but their answers were contradictory.

Meghan claimed the conversation, which she hadn’t actually heard, had taken place when she was pregnant. However, Harry said it happened before they were they married. There was even a flash of anger that crossed his face. Hmm… wonder why. They couldn’t get their stories straight and Oprah just didn’t bother to fact check anything they said hence taking them at face value.

Also, why does Oprah react like she’s shocked? Every time Meghan opens her mouth she is always mentioning how she’s faced racism. Now, this is a classic Markle attack when it comes to Britain. She went from loving the country to despising it. Heck, she posted a photo of her dog in a Union Jack jumper!

[Credit: Express Digest]

Also, do Meghan and Harry remember that there are black people in Britain too? Many of whom supported their union? If they [the Sussexes] wish to pull out the race card as they do, then they’ve upset basically the whole nation.

The Queen said in a statement released on her behalf that the situation would be handled privately, meaning within the family. It’s obvious that she cares for the Sussexes, despite their attitude. There is no doubt that the PR for the Californian royals will publish everything and make it seem like they’ve been victimised.

The Flying Monkey Attack

[Credit: Town & Country]

We all know Meghan is a narcissist who is has her own pack of devoted followers better known as her pack of flying monkeys. We’ve mentioned this earlier in the post, but her friends (well, those who are less famous) are coming out defending her as this good person. But, of course she is going to treat them kindly. She is using them as a human shield. Also, why are they using her pregnancy as an excuse for not ‘bullying’ her? All people are doing is calling her out on her bullshit.

It is not a take down because of her skin colour. Far from it. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie or a warped version of the actual truth. One of her favourite flying monkeys is Omid Scobie who has now been classed as ‘her friend’. Yep, we saw that coming a mile away. The reason? He use to date her Soho House pal Markus Anderson from what we’ve heard on the grapevine.

A few members of the Suits cast have spoken out in Meghan’s defence but of course they would. She was nice to them because she had to work with them. If she wasn’t, then the press at the time would’ve had a field day with her ‘diva antics’. Though, we very much doubt it would’ve made headline news like it does today.

While we could continue with the other flying monkeys, we’re just going to mention our old mate, Omid Scobie one last time. It has never been much of a secret that he WORSHIPS Meghan. He would not have agreed to write Finding Freedom if this wasn’t the case. Also, he fuels the Sussex Squad and the Sugars to the point of hysteria. It’s sickening.

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