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Rugrats Revival REVIEW: Episode 3 – Tail Of The Dogbot/Jonathan For A Day

tail of the dogbot

It’s Tail of the Dogbot and Jonathan for a Day…

Our reviews for Episode 1 and Episode 2.

3a – Tail Of The Dogbot

Episode 3a of the Rugrats revival is Tail of the Dogbot which sees Stu create a dog for Chuckie because Chas has allergies. However, it doesn’t go the way he expects. The robot suddenly goes haywire and causes havoc. He attempts to fix it but it doesn’t work.

The bot stops Chuckie having fun with his friends and he does everything in his power to escape it. Chas also fears his son will develop a fear to metal if it is not stopped. Deciding enough is enough, Tommy and Chuckie sneak up on the robot and pokes the control panel open and manages to get the dogbot to go haywire to the point it possibly disappears into space.

Stu is disappointed that his invention didn’t work out but Didi says that Chas can always get Chuckie a hermet crab because they’re safer than a dog.

What makes ‘Tail of the Dogbot’ so great is that we actually see Stu’s inventions in the series. Though, it’s kinda sad that it’s not a massive part of the character as it was in the previous series.

3b – Jonathan For A Day

Following ‘Tail of the Dogbot’ we have ‘Jonathan for a Day’, which introduces Charlotte’s assistant or rather lackey, Jonathan. While he only plays a minor role at the start of the segment, he becomes the inspiration for Angelica to get herself a version of him. She tries to wrangle Susie and Chuckie, but they refuse. Rejected, she sets her eyes on Phil who is having trouble with Lil always bossing him around.

When Lil notices how her brother has become Angelica’s ‘Jonathan’, she manages to get Chuckie to become her new ‘Phil’. She gets him to eat dog food with her which he immediately spits out. When Susie and Tommy realise what’s going on, they manage to get Angelica to ‘fire’ Phil so he will go back to his sister.

Final Thoughts

These episodes weren’t as good as the previous two. They feel like filler episodes and don’t provide us with anything that is new.

We give ‘Tail of the Dogbot’:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Meanwhile, ‘Jonathan for a Day’ we give:

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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