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“So, How Do You Know Harry And Meghan?” These Not So Famous Words Makes Us Question If Meghan And Harry Knew Their A-List Wedding Guests

It’s one thing to invite friends and family to your wedding, but a bunch of people you don’t actually know that well? Well, apparently one of Prince Harry’s godmothers uttered some no-so-famous words that is now making us question how well the Sussexes actually knew their wedding guests.

Sussex Drama: Prince William’s Reaction To The Palace’s Handling Of Announcement Of Meghan’s Labour Was Not Positive

Having a baby is one the most joyous time’s in a couple’s relationship, right? When you’re a member of the British Royal Family, there is protocols to be followed when it comes to the arrival of a child. Prince William was not exactly thrilled with the way his brother and sister-in-law handled Meghan’s labour announcement…

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