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Home and Away

Home and Away: Will Jasmine Take Advantage Of Nikau Abducting Grace To Get Custody?

Since Bella returned from her mental health retreat, she has wanted nothing from Nikau which has sent him down a dark path. With the police no closer to finding out who broke into the Diner, he is worried his family will be pinned for the crime and run out of town. Making a split second decision, he steals Tori’s car, unknowingly abducting Baby Grace in the process! When this information gets back to Jasmine, could she use this as her chance to get custody of her stepdaughter?

Home and Away

Home And Away: Is Jasmine Still Obsessed With Grace And Is Tori Making A Mistake In Allowing Her Back Into Her Daughter’s Life?

Jasmine loves Grace as if she were her own. However, Tori is the infant’s mother and doesn’t get enough time with her daughter as it is. So, is Summer Bay’s resident doc not being cautious enough to allow her newborn’s stepmother back into the baby’s life?