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Tabloids, Please Stop Printing False Stories!

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What is it with tabloids and printing false and inaccurate stories? They make a hell of a lot of money for pushing something that isn’t even true! Do they not think about the lives of the celebrities they’re impacting?

What is journalism? Is it telling the truth about an event or a person? Or is it making up crap just to get clicks or sales? We prefer the first opinion: telling the truth. Here at Project Fangirl, we strive in our ability to tell the truth with any story we post. If it’s a rumour, we say it is and so on. However, tabloids have a habit of saying that they have ‘sources’ when they so clearly don’t.

Many tabloids have even been called out by celebrities on social media for printing fake stories about them and for using photos that are a few years old.

Getting It Wrong!

One example of the mags getting it wrong is when Patti Newton called out one of the Australian gossip magazines in early 2018 when she and husband Bert were photographed. Yes, the couple might be show biz royalty in Australia but the story that was printed claimed Bert had a secret. She posted to her Instagram account this photo:

In 2017, Mrs Newton posted a pic from one of the trash mags saying her husband wasn’t dying as the tabloid claimed. She joked that Bert was in the middle of a sneeze and he wasn’t crying because he was on the brink of death.

Bert, who is now 81, has been retired from show business for five years and is occasionally seen out and about with his wife and is often appears in Patti’s Instagram feed alongside daughter, Lauren.

Making A Story Up Using Old Photos

Former Olympian Swimmer turned television presenter Johanna Griggs is no stranger to false stories being written about her and the use of old photos to tell the so-called narrative. In June 2019, a story emerged in Woman’s Day about her having ‘snapped’ and was holding crisis talks with Channel 7. When this piece of trash came out, Joh jumped on Instagram to explain the actual story:

A story in Woman’s Day the year before in 2018 said she’d adopted a weight loss plan and had dropped 5kg. Joh used Instagram to dispel the story as fake:

Again, the year before the weight loss story, Joh was rumoured to have gone back to her ex-husband and father of her two sons, Gary Sweet. She explained on Instagram that this wasn’t true. They had been divorced for years. Again, this was printed in Woman’s Day.

Also in 2017, there was a story in Woman’s Day claiming Joh saved her husband Todd’s life and that she had a sixth sense. Posting the article on Instagram, she explained that the medical staff who treated him saved him and that her sons were not the ages the magazine claimed they were. Not to mention, they’d photoshopped in one of the dogs the family had who had died in 2016.

Ms Griggs pointed out that the magazine had learned nothing from being sued by actress Rebel Wilson for defamation.

A month before this story dropped, Joh jumped on Instagram about a story the magazine had published about a ‘feud’ she’d had with the judges of House Rules. In the 2019 article about the TV personality having ‘snapped’, they’d used the same photos as they did with this one:

If you compare the 2017 and 2019 articles with the same photos and headings, it’s the same story.

What Sources?!

[Credit: TENOR]

Every week, it’s the same old shit! George and Amal are getting a divorce and one wants the kids. Bec and Lleyton are getting a $160 Million divorce. Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with twins. Give it is a fucking rest! There were no sources to back up these claims. It’s no wonder Rebel Wilson sued Bauer Media for their defaming stories about her. She lost movie roles because of these BS artists!

The reason why we wanted to write this post is because we’re sick of the stories that come out. In the Woman’s Day and New Idea magazines this week, it is said the reason Bindi Irwin and husband Chandler rushed down the aisle was because Bindi was pregnant. Ahh… no, they didn’t get married because of a baby. They did it because of the Coronavirus restrictions! Didn’t the writers do their research?

Not True Journalism!

Bauer Media is a big corporation. You would think they would have learned when they got sued by Rebel Wilson. The magazines they publish are nothing but as Donald Trump would say, fake news.

This is not the first time these magazines have been called out and it won’t be the last time. A lot of gossip websites say the same thing. We’re not going name them, but if you’re reading this and know who we’re talking about, don’t listen to them. They’re just clickbaiting people to clicking on them so they can earn money.

Also, the one thing that annoys us is when legitimate news outlet use these tabloid trash heaps as their sources. This, again, isn’t true journalism. It’s basically creating a smear campaign against whoever the story is about. We ourselves pride ourselves for being as true as possible. This means we’re not like the tabloids. If we know information is limited or not exactly accurate, we’ll say so. We don’t create a fictional narrative just to get people to read our work.

The people who write these shit storm pieces of trash for the tabloids are not journalists or writers of any description. You’re just looking to make a quick buck or five. Journalism should be about telling the truth and not creating a fantasy piece that will ruin people’s lives!

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