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The Bold And The Beautiful: Flo Puts Her Foot In It By Inviting Quinn To Live With Her And Wyatt

Sympathy can only get you so far. Apparently, Quinn didn’t get that message when she begs Wyatt and Flo to allow her to move in with them. Her son is not impressed…

Flo is a very kind-hearted person, but when it comes to buying into Quinn’s need for a sympathy card is just outright stupid! She should be listening to Wyatt when he tells her of how devious his mother can be. After all, he’s gotten wrapped up in her schemes one too many times to count.

Quinn knows how to get through to Flo even if she can’t with Wyatt. She adores her BFF’s daughter to the point that she interfered with her son’s relationship with Sally to the point where he broke up with her to be with his baby stealing ex. There is no denying that friction is coming for the jewellery designer and Shauna as they fight over the aftermath of what they did to bust up Brooke and Ridge.

Sympathy from Flo is Quinn’s only hope right now. Eric can’t stand to be in the same room as her and Brooke is basically bouncing off the walls with joy. Let’s not forget that Wyatt is still pissed at her for what she did.

No Sympathy From Eric

There is no way Eric is going to forget Quinn so he’s not giving her any sympathy, not matter how much she begs. Speaking of which, she went and visited him in the office and boy did he give her an earful. She deserved everything he threw at her.

She might claim to love him, but what she did stands against everything he stands for. He defended her to his family, saying she could change and while she did for a short time, there will also be a devious side to her. Even if she tries to fight it.

Eric had every right to lay into her when he did. He told her that Brooke was right and they should end their marriage. Wow! This is SO not what Quinn wanted to hear. She only loves him for his money and the privilege that it affords her.

Quinn had better watch herself because she could end up out in the cold…

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