Is The Birthday Photo Of Prince Louis A Swipe At Prince Harry From Catherine?


Did the Duchess of Cambridge take a swipe at brother-in-law Prince Harry with the photo she took of her youngest son, Prince Louis for his third birthday?

The tension between the Cambridges and the Sussexes has been raging for what… years? Last week was Prince Louis’ third birthday and as per tradition, a photo by his mother, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was posted on the Kensington Palace social media channels. It showed the little boy on a bicycle prior to being taken to nursery school for his first day. Now, it has been theorised, according to The Mirror, that the snap of the youngest Cambridge child might’ve been a swipe at Prince Harry.

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The reason this theory has come up is because of a comment he made during the Oprah interview that he didn’t get to ride bikes with his family growing up. That was until THESE photos were unearthed:

Harry lied about not going on bike rides with his family when there is literal evidence to back this up. Of course, he wouldn’t remember when these were taken as he was only very young. But, surely he would’ve seen the photos at some point, right? Anyway, if this was a swipe, then it was a good one. It shows him that royal kids can lead normal lives and that he is stealing away Archie’s whole childhood by isolating him from the family.

The Cambridge kids are growing up with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Archie doesn’t have that. All he has are his parents and Doria. Harry is estranged from Charles and William and some of the family were cold towards him at Prince Philip’s funeral.

What lie are Harry and Meghan going to feed the kid and his sister when they’re old enough to understand? That they escaped a hostile situation that threatened their livelihoods? That their grandfather and uncle are evil warlords? Heck, the boy believes his parents are superheroes, according to Hello! Magazine.

Parents Are Role Models But Superheroes Is A Bit Much

Yes, children look up to their parents for guidance but to see them as superheroes? Please, spare us! We have small cousins who don’t see their mums and dads as caped crusaders. This is just Meghan’s drivel to get people to sympathise with her. Also, an almost two-year-old isn’t going to know what a superhero is. If they’re three or four maybe bya child Archie’s age should be more concerned with development with learning to walk and talk.

it is believed that Archie is a child that is very advanced. What is he? An android similar Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. We doubt very much he’s a gifted child. This is not us being mean in any way. There are kids who show signs that they’re smart very early on in their development but even a gifted kid wouldn’t able to say ‘Hydrate’, ‘Stay safe’, or our personal favourite, ‘Crocodile’.

Do We Believe Catherine Would Take A Swipe At Harry?

Do we really believe that Catherine would use a photo of her son to get even with Harry? We seriously doubt she would given this is not the type of person she is. She would never use her children against someone else. Moreover, she has more dignity than most people will ever give her credit for. She doesn’t go looking for trouble

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