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The Bold And The Beautiful: Thomas Questions Vinny About Swapping Steffy’s Paternity Results


Vinny is going to be feeling the heat when Thomas questions him about swapping Steffy’s paternity results…

If there’s one thing we’re loving about Thomas right now it’s that he is actually listening and observing instead of running head first into what he wants. This brings us to him questioning best pal Vinny about potentially swapping Steffy’s paternity results. Despite being loyal to a fault, the drug dealer’s heart is in the right place in wanting to make his buddy happy. However, he needs to stay out of it.

We’ve mentioned before about Thomas beginning to take notice of how odd Vinny has been acting. He has made it quite clear that all he wants is for Hope to be happy and is trying to turn his life around. While he’s succeed to a certain degree, it needs to stay that way and he knows it. He has been making good progress with keeping on Brooke and Hope’s good sides.

Hopefully, the swapping of results – if it has happened – is resolved quickly and Vinny is punished to a degree. Though, knowing the way that Brad Bell operates, they’re going to be rolling with this storyline for a while. Fingers crossed they don’t because there will be a load of fans who will be really pissed off.

After all, the Baby Beth Swap took a whole ten months to be resolved and all it was was back and forth between Zoe, Flo, and Thomas about not telling Hope her daughter was alive. This annoyed so many people, us included.

Finally, if Vinny did end up swapping the results it might mean the end of his friendship with Thomas. We can just see Steffy’s tears of relief that Finn is the father of her child now. Though, Hope’s faith in Liam will be forever shattered.

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