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Sussex: The Art Of Woke Ideology And Hypocrisy

Some choose to live freely, without restraint. Then, we have those who seek to control how others view the world. Moreover, this is where the Sussexes come in. Ultimately, this woke couple demand the planet follow their slanted ideologies so they can tread on individuals who fight them at every turn. Their actions are as shameful as they are morally condemnable.

Harry and Meghan have no shame in lecturing to the mere mortals, who are trying to earn a living to support their families. Meanwhile, these two hypocrites are sitting pretty on millions of dollars they didn’t earn. That’s right, folks. They were handed everything they’ve ever wanted, though it’s not enough. NOTHING is acceptable to them.

Let’s begin with Meghan. Raised almost entirely by her father, Thomas Markle, she had a modest life most children dream of having. Given her dad’s job as a lighting director on Married… with Children, the now-royal wife went to the best schools imaginable. Her education cost Tom Snr thousands per year, even after she finished university. What’s more, is her late uncle Mike got her an internship in Argentina; she did not work for it. It was handed to her. Look up the information yourselves if you think this is made up to trample her reputation.

Moving over to Harry and he was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. His grandmother is Her Majesty The Queen, with his father being The Prince of Wales, the future king. Moreover, his mother is the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Furthermore, his older brother is Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, also a future monarch. So, where does this leave the Duke of Sussex? Well, he’s a spare like his Uncle Andrew, and he had unlimited access to money.

Warped Ideologies

Before Meghan entered his life, Harry appeared to be a down-to-earth fella who was a bit of a goofball. The public adored him and often excused his troubles because he was still struggling in the aftermath of his mother’s passing. When the Sussexes met, Diana had been gone nineteen years. As time passes, the now Duke of Montecito grows more paranoid.

His ideologies have become somewhat warped to what they were. He believes his wife is in the same situation as his mother, where she’s a constant target to the paparazzi and the rabid press. Here’s the thing that many have noticed in the last five years. Meghan courts the press. What’s more, is Diana did this too. However, the late Princess of Wales did not cry victim to the media.

When Harry spoke on the Apple docuseries, The Me You Can’t see, he made the brain-boggling claim that his mother died because she was dating a man of colour. Now, we’re not here to debate whether Dodi Fayed was white or black. What’s more, is people of his ethnicity have their opinions, and we’re aren’t going to jump down that rabbit hole as it’s not our place.

Anyway, Meghan’s need to play the victim and pretend she “forgot” has few people fooled. She believes she is entitled to everything that she lays her hands on and assumes she is all-knowing. Exercising her so-called power on those of us that she sees, as below her, shows how she sees herself deep inside: someone who views the world as her kingdom. She’s made Harry change his ideologies to fit hers.

Do They Hate The Media? Or Don’t They?

When Meghan entered the royal scene, the entire world was thrilled for Harry. Finally, he had found his version of Catherine. However, the joy didn’t last. Stories began coming to light that staff had started leaving their jobs in quick succession. Then, there was the move to Frogmore Cottage and setting up a different office from the Cambridges. Ultimately, we all know the stories.

What’s more triggering in this tale is how the media is always the first target of the Sussexes’ wrath. Oh, how they hate the media and how there are racist undertones and all the usual garbage that the couple spews. Yes, some outlets were horrible to Meghan in the beginning, but they were just as bad to Catherine, Camilla, Sophie, Fergie, and Diana when they became royals as well. As terrible as this might be, it’s almost like a rite of passage upon marriage.

However, Meghan felt every story that came out about her needed to be corrected. When she was told that it was impossible and that she should ignore the negative press, she chose to feed her victim narrative of the racist press to Harry. She knew by doing this he’d rush to “protect” her and be her saviour, her knight in shining armour.

Harry’s love of blaming the press is something that has always been eschewed. He hates the media because, in his mind, they killed his mother. However, he needs it to thrive and make money. Yeah, makes TOTAL sense. His ideologies are no longer his own, and it shows. Though, did he ever have them?

The media cannot be their enemy and their friend at the same time. It’s one or the other, and it cannot be both.

Throwing Other Royals Under The Bus

So, Meghan claims she was friends with Eugenie and had no idea who Harry was before they met. How can you not know? A former friend of Meghan’s told Andrew Morton for his book Meghan: A Hollywood Princess that the Duchess idolised Diana and cried during her funeral, according to Abbie Llewelyn of the Express. However, when the ex-actress spoke to Oprah in March, she claimed she didn’t know about the royals. Though we mentioned a post a while ago, she spoke about William and Catherine’s wedding and Prince Charles on The Tig.

Ultimately, during the interview which can no longer be found online, she threw Catherine under the bus, accusing her of making her cry before the wedding in 2018. What’s more, she did the same to Fergie by claiming she taught her to curtsey when she already knew how etiquette worked as highlighted by Julyssa Lopez of Glamour in a 2019 article. The then-actress allegedly learned how to drink tea and curtsey. How can she forget something this important? Also, who doesn’t know that you have to curtsey to The Queen? 

Let’s not forget that Meghan also, allegedly, wanted Eugenie’s wedding tiara and was told it had been reserved for her fiancée’s cousin. Also, she wanted to get married in the same location as Eugenie but much earlier even though Eugenie had been engaged longer but to keep it under wraps so Harry could make his announcement first.

So, It’s Okay To…?

When it comes to the Sussexes, there are rules (according to their ideologies) for them while everyone else has to do as they [the couple] tell them. While we could talk about the preaching about carbon admissions and the private jets, this has been discussed a million times. Instead, we’re going to go over the situation of the dukedom.

Upon their wedding day, Harry was gifted by his grandmother the Dukedom of Sussex. By association, Meghan became the Duchess of Sussex. Seems simple, right? Here’s where the hypocrisy comes into play.

Harry wanted out of the royal family. According to him, he never wanted to work but was forced to, hence becoming the royal ‘yes’ man. Still with us? The couple took their son, Archie and moved to California and had their daughter, Lilibet. Since then, they’ve constantly used their titles to profit. So, if they never wanted to be working royals, why did they take the titles? They could’ve had a private wedding, but no. Meghan wanted all the bells and whistles along with the tiaras and gowns and it being televised like the Cambridge wedding.

When they moved to America, the Sussexes plugged their titles every chance they got. The Oprah interview and Meghan’s dull children’s book, The Bench, are just two examples. If this wasn’t insulting enough, Meghan used her title to lobby politicians for paid parental leave. Moreover, this is an insult to the American constitution. Ultimately, this was highlighted in a Tweet by Who is John Galt? who posted a screenshot of a comment from a Daily Mail article about the woke couple trying to fight misinformation while issuing it themselves.

Also, if Meghan thinks the royals are racist, why use the title at all? Why not resume using her actual name?

Even American Politicians Are Annoyed

Meghan’s desire to enter politics has never waivered, and she believes that using her title to get what she wants will amplify her chances. However, we doubt the politicians she cold-called felt the same way when one of their own gave the former royal their private mobile numbers. One senator recalled to Politico that she was in her car when she got a call from Meghan referred to herself as The Duchess of Sussex.

Now, we all know that Meghan is a democrat. It’s the perfect political party for someone with the ideologies Markle does. Anyway, she was lobbying Republican senators because the democratic ones were already on the side for the paid parental leave bill. Even people the Duchess dreams of being around want nothing to do with her, and that’s saying something. The politician who spoke to Politico also said that while she was happy to talk to her, she was more interested in the people’s opinions, rather than someone who was flaunting a foreign title. While she didn’t say it outright, it’s obvious how she was feeling.

Even the letter Meghan wrote to Congress raised political eyebrows. Not only was it signed by her as the Duchess of Sussex, but she wrote as if she’d been poor as a child and could only afford $5 salads at Sizzler. She know her father was very well off given his career as a lighting director, and her mother allowed Meghan to travel. Let’s not forget that the letterhead read “From the office of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex” which brings us to the next point of discussion.

From The Office Of…

The Sussexes stepped away from royal life because they found it too demanding, and they wanted to do their own thing. However, they’ve taken their need for “privacy” a step too far by using the letterhead “From the Office of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex”. What game are they playing? As so many people have pointed out, they’re giving off the allusion that they’ve set up their own royal court where they are the king and queen. Also, they do realise that the American public is waking up to their bullshit, right?

Also, we doubt President Biden is too happy with these two interlopers trying to pass themselves off as world leaders. Finally, he has great respect for the royals as he was recently at an event with Prince William, and First Lady Dr Jill Biden has become great friends with Catherine. That must have stung Meghan a great deal.

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