6 Times The Sussex Squad Have Been Utterly Brainless

Another week, another Sussex Squad stupidity…

It appears we cannot go a week without the Sussex Squad saying something totally stupid. So, we thought we’d go over some of these. We’ve chosen six that we believe really say what that of people they are. Now, we’re not attacking anyone in any way over this. We are simply stating facts of what we’ve seen and experienced in the media. After all, that is what the Sussexes want, to be in the press at all times.

So, without further ado, let’s begin with the 2018 photo of the great-grandchildren.

1. The Outrage Over A Photo After Prince Philip’s Passing

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[Credit: Sky News]

Now, this first one really caught our attention. We did a post on it a while ago, so we won’t go into too much detail on this. So, in 2018, the Duchess of Cambridge took the above photo of The Queen, Prince Philip, and seven of their great-grandchildren while the family was at Balmoral in the Scottish Highlands. Mind you that there were only seven kids at the time.

This trip either took place before or after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s May 19 wedding. As far as we’re aware, the Sussexes couldn’t find time in their ‘busy’ schedules to go. Also, Archie was NOT born at the time this picture was taken.

Archie’s birth was May 6 2019. Note the year here. There is a year between the wedding and the child’s birth. Also, it’s estimated that his conception would’ve been shortly after the wedding, like a few months after. So, how can he be in a photo when he wasn’t born yet? The Sussex Squad don’t think before they speak.

Back to the photo, it was released shortly after the Duke of Edinburgh’s passing in April. Also, the Sussex Squad were screaming that no pictures of Harry, Meghan, and Archie with Prince Philip were released.

As we stated in our post on the photo, if the Sussexes had stayed in the UK long enough, then there would be pictures of them with Prince Philip. The only photo that we know of was the one where Meghan and Harry introduced their son to his great-grandparents.

2. Catherine Wears Tartan Scarf

Now, this next one is recent and inspired this post. There was a photo going around Twitter of Catherine wearing a tartan patterned scarf in 2013. Now, the below photo is similar to the one that was on social media. We’re putting up against one of Meghan wearing a Tartan coat in 2017:

What makes this whole thing stupid is a Twitter account called Sussex Detective posted this so-called dig at Catherine:

[Credit: SussexDetective @SussexDetectiv1]

The photo of Catherine in the Tweet is recent as she and Prince William are currently in Scotland. So… we don’t understand how this is an issue. *insert sarcasm* We didn’t realise that tartan was exclusive to Meghan. *leaving sarcasm here*

If this detective’ had done proper research, they would know the first tweet and the photo was taken in 2013. Markle’s look while in Scotland came about in 2017. Four years later. Also, the photo of Catherine in the tweet by ‘Sussex Detective’ is recent. Also, why not use the photo that was taken a few years ago rather than a recent one?

It’s obvious to us that this person only came into the whole British royal family fan war recently as their account was only activated in August 2020 as a backup to an account that was suspended which was also called ‘Sussex Detective’. Also, with a name like ‘Sussex Detective’ then they’ve only come to trash the Cambridges on behalf of Meghan and Harry.

3. ‘Princess Henry’

Point number three is a BIG one. People want Harry and Meghan stripped of their titles as they hate royal life but they’re profiting off being the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. It has been talked about if this does happen, then Meghan will likely become ‘Princess Henry of Wales’ according to the Sussex Squad. To make it even worse, they attempted to make it trend on Twitter but it didn’t.

Actually, this is not the case. The ‘of Wales’ moniker is reserved for the heir to the throne and their spouse. The only reason why Harry was Prince Henry (Harry) of Wales was that he was born a son of the Prince of Wales. Now that he is married, this was taken from him. The same applied to William when he married Catherine in 2011.

The Sussex Squad can argue that Princess Michael of Kent is in the same vote. Actually, no she’s not. The reason she is ‘Princess Michael of Kent’ is because her husband and The Queen’s cousin, Prince Michael of Kent doesn’t have a dukedom and he is a younger grandson of King George V. Harry is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and is sixth in line to the throne.

When Prince Michael married his wife, he was stripped of his place in the line of succession because Marie Christine (Princess Michael) is Roman Catholic. At the time, he was 15th in line for the throne and had dropped down from 7th place. However, his place was reinstated in 2015 after the Succession to the Crown Act 2013 was passed. Now, he is 50th in line and will never be king.

Upon Prince Charles’ ascension to the throne, Prince William will become the Prince of Wales.

4. Believing What Meghan And Harry Said About The Royal Family Being Racist

So, one of the most annoying things about the Sussex Squad is how they listen to agree with everything Meghan and Harry say. However, they have both shot themselves in the foot because their racism claims hold no water. A little while ago, we did a post about how Markle disproved her own lie on Oprah at her own wedding three years earlier. She forgets that her nuptials had a black choir (who have backed Prince Charles) and the sermon was delivered by an African-American.

If the Sussex did their research, or thought back to wedding as a prime example, then they would know that the royal family is not racist.

5. Meghan Will Never Be Equal To Catherine On Any Level

What the Sussex Squad will never accept is that Meghan will never be on the same level as her sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge. As pointed out in a brilliant piece by CCN, it points out that Markle was defended by the palace despite her claims she was not. While this has been a known fact since the announcement that Harry and his wife were dating and later engaged came out, it also explains that the Duchess of Montecito should be glad to even be a royal wife at all.

Catherine will always get first preference because her husband is a future king. She will be his consort. Meghan’s fans can call her Queen Meghan all they like and call for Her Majesty The Queen to give the crown to Harry and his wife but it will never happen. While we’re sure the former actress would likely love to be Queen and turn the entire monarchy into a colossal embarrassment, she and her hubby are no ones without their titles and they know that which is why they’re clinging to them with all their might.

6. Excuses For Meghan’s Horrid Behaviour

Our final point is how the Sussex Squad seems to have an excuse for every horrid thing Meghan has ever done. Umm… were they even educated to be nice to people? As we’ve said before, the likelihood that these people who worship Markle are likely women who have no sense of compassion themselves and have no understanding of British culture. Therefore, they use the former actress’ inexperience as a royal to make her look like the innocent party who wasn’t taught anything when it has well documented that she was.

What about all the people that quit while Meghan was their boss? How do you think they feel about her being a bully to them?

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