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Babes Against Bullshit: What’s The Point? – The Sussex Squad

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The Sussex Squad can’t seem to keep their godforsaken mouths shut for even a minute. They haven’t been in the news lately for anything, but I’m willing to say that these toxic people are no better than Harry and Meghan. Yes, I know there are people who are probably going take my thoughts and overall opinions on the matter as an insult to their precious Duke and Duchess of Woke.

I hate to address in the elephant on the blog so to speak, but why do the Sussex Squad – Meghan and Harry’s stans – insist on bullying the true royals? You know exactly who I mean. Prince William, Catherine, Prince Charles, and the Queen. I’m not going to name every member of the family who works for the monarchy just to prove a point.

What gives the Sussex Squad the right to bully the working members of the royal family when their girl Meghan did nothing during her eighteen months as a ‘senior’ member of the The Firm that did not include her complaining when things didn’t go her way?

Meghan Is Not A Goddess

I am not being a bully here. I am just stating a fact. Meghan is not a goddess in the way the Sussex Squad seems to think she is. They ignore the happenings of the world and blame all her ‘misfortunes’ on the other royals.

Having someone to admire is fine. I have no qualms with that but in my humble opinion, the Sussex Squad is rallying behind a woman who will badmouth anyone that she perceives to be a threat. For instance, I wrote a piece a while ago about Meghan potentially seeing sister-in-law Catherine as a threat. This was all but confirmed in the puff Sussex biography, Finding Freedom where the Duchess of Cambridge is portrayed as the villain in Meggy’s fairytale.

It’s possible that Meghan hated the idea of Catherine being higher up on the food chain than her. What makes this woman worthy of being a royal role model when all she did was complain about how ‘unfair’ it was she couldn’t speak up about certain topics?

The Sussex Squad Is Gullible

I’m just going to come out and say it. The Sussex Squad is gullible enough to believe everything that comes out of little Meghan’s mouth. When she said she’s not thriving in her new life, she should have run as far away as possible. Of all the women who have dated Harry over the years, none of them accepted his proposal of marriage, except Ms Markle. Why? Because she finally got the chance to be royalty like she thought she was already.

95% of things that come out of Meghan’s mouth is pure gibberish. She also takes offence when she is called out for not being the only powerful woman participating in the summit. However, I have no doubts that the Sussex Squad would be doing everything in their power to undermine the interviewer because to them, she is wrong.

The group who are Meghan stans, loyalists, whatever are gullible to think their girl is worthy of her place in the royal family and that it was good for her to leave the ‘toxic’ Firm. However, they don’t understand that the Duchess was playing everyone because she is a social climber.

Every time Meghan cries foul of someone, her stans rally behind her like she can’t defend herself.

Think Before You Leap

How would Meghan’s stans feel if one of their loved ones was bullied? They would be be up in arms. So, stop bullying the real working royals. You shouldn’t be following Meghan’s lead. If she wants to be horrible to people let her. It’s not up to you to back her up, but it is your job to be the bigger person.

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