Why The Sussex Squad Is Upset Over A Photo Featuring Prince Philip

Sussex Squad

Can’t Prince Philip just rest in peace? The Sussex Squad is complaining about a photo which doesn’t feature Archie…

A recently released photo of the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, The Queen and seven of their great-grandchildren has caused unnecessary outrage from the Sussex Squad. The picture which was taken by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge features seven of the next generation of royal kids. Here’s the ‘offending’ photo:

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[Credit: Sky News]

Furthermore, the photo features Prince George, Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, Savannah and Isla Phillips, and Mia and Lena Tindall.

What the Sussex Squad lack are brains because this photo was taken in 2018 either before or after Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Archie, their son wasn’t even born nor was he conceived when this picture was taken. So… how can you be in a photo when you don’t exist yet?

Also, the Sussex Squad has complained that the royal family hasn’t released photos of Harry and Meghan with Prince Philip to correspond with his passing at the age of 99.

Why should the royal family release photos that have zero to do with them? If Harry and Meghan wanted photos released they should have done it themselves. They’re not part of the family anyone so why should they [the royal family] do it for them? Moreover they were likely not even at Balmoral when this photo was taken. Also, it should be noted that they never wanted to be longtime working royals or least Markle didn’t.

There’s two other kids missing from the photo; Lucas Tindall and August Brooksbank are not there either and it’s for the same reason Archie’s not there. THEY. WERE. NOT. BORN. YET.

Finally, Harry probably regrets not staying in the UK longer before his grandfather’s passing to allow Archie to spend time with him. He is going to have to live with his decision to move to the US for the rest of his life.

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