Will The Sussexes Ever Return To The UK?

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Will the Duke and Duchess of Sussex ever return to the UK with their son, Archie? We break down our thoughts on this complicated matter.

Before she became the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle made a critical mistake. She jeopardised her happiness in America for the fish bowl that is the British monarchy. Now, she is back on her home soil, perfectly content while her husband, Prince Harry is allegedly miserable in Los Angeles.

For eighteen months, the couple lived the UK and the now-Duchess had a hard time dealing with ‘stiff upper lip’ and protocol that came with being a royal. From rumours that she embarrassed her husband by announcing her pregnancy with son Archie at his cousin Princess Eugenie’s wedding to every other piece of speculation, Meghan really dug herself into a hole she’s never going to be able to climb out of. She will tied to the family for life given her connection via her son, Archie.

Despite her struggles, Meghan has shown she was never suited for the lifestyle her prince of a husband was born into. She has broken one too many rules like calling out and suing the press to cater to her narrative. When all that became too much, she and Harry announced they were leaving the royal family to become more financially independent in Canada. Mind you, this came before their move to California.

Harry Might Want Back In With His Family

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It’s no secret that Harry and William have been clashing since Meghan entered their lives. The eldest of the brothers wanted his sibling to slow his relationship with the actress down.

Harry saw this as offensive and it all went downhill from there. Sure, William was his best man at the wedding, but he did it because it was her brother. He didn’t do it for Meghan. Then, there is the whole thing where Meghan made Catherine cry over whether the bridesmaids wore tights under their dresses.

While Harry is besotted with his wife and wants to please her, he might want back in with his family. Why do we think this? Well, it’s been clear for a while that he is utterly miserable in LA while Meghan is thriving in her former home. However, the one thing that might be preventing him from retuning to the UK is Archie. He loves his son, but if he and Megs were to split, she would want custody of their child. In most cases, the mother ends up with the kid. Doesn’t matter what country you’re in.

Meghan Will NEVER Go Back

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Meghan got what she wanted. She got the prince, the royal wedding, the child and a title. What more might she want? Well, if reports are correct, she never intended to stay in the UK once she got her fairytale. Her plans allegedly were to take her husband and child, ditch the stuffy blue blooded Firm and go back to the US where she could live happy and fulfilled.

However, this has not gone the way she has planned it. She expected that the whole royal family and anyone who follows them to do what she wants. As we’re always saying, doesn’t work that way. There is a pecking order and you, our dear Meghan, are right down at sixth in line with Harry. You’ll never even touch the throne, let alone sit on it.

If she and Harry were to divorce, she would cry foul if she didn’t get Archie living with her. Also, her reputation with be in tatters. She sees the royal family as a toxic environment where you can’t speak freely. While she understand her views, she doesn’t get the reason why the institution is so tight lipped.

Sure, you should be able to defend yourself, but if you keep suing the media, it only makes the situation worse. You may end up drowning in lawsuits which would be a colossal waste of money. Rules simply do not apply to Meghan. It’s her way, or not at all.

Team Sussex Is At Meghan’s Beck And Call

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Meghan and Harry are in the media basically every single day for reasons that shouldn’t be broadcast across the world. For example, the Duchess of Sussex kept questioning why she couldn’t speak out against the tabloids while she was pregnant. This has bought up a load of questions for us about whether she planned her ‘escape’ from her new life and had her husband take the fall.

If people’s predictions are right and she did plan on snagging a rich prince, then she is not better than a gold digger. Remember, Meghan went from C-List actress to royal spouse almost overnight. By comparison, that’s much faster than that of her sister-in-law, Catherine and the husbands of Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.

Team Sussex, the people that support the Duke and Duchess are at Meghan’s beck and call now that they have left the royal bubble. If she wants them to do something, they’ll do it.

Tabloid Speculation: “You’ll Never See Archie Again.”

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There’s a lot of tabloid speculation claiming that Meghan doesn’t want Archie to be around his royal family members ever again. She does not want them to be a bad influence on him. Ahh… has she suddenly forgotten who her son’s father is. Prince freaking Harry, Duke of Sussex!

Remember you husband, Meghan? The guy you married and thought you’d get to boss everyone in your household around? You do? Well, good!

If this ends up being case, then Prince Philip who is 99-years-old and The Queen who is 94 might never get the chance to see their great-grandson again. This would be massive low blow is Meghan never goes back to England.

Meghan is being spiteful if she is preventing her grandparents-in-law from seeing Archie. They’ve barely gotten any time to see him since he was born. How is that remotely fair? They’re are not going to be around forever and they see their other great-grandchildren often as they are in close living distance.

Also, imagine how William and Catherine must feel with not having Harry and Archie around all the time. Meghan is the reason they’ve had their falling out.

Meghan and Harry can blame whomever they want, but the public isn’t going to buy into their lies.

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