Sussex Drama: Meghan Overheard Saying, “Don’t I Have A Voice?”


Another week and there’s something else about the Duchess of Sussex in the media. In today’s ‘The world hates the Sussexes’ (not really), it is being alleged that Meghan was overheard asking why she didn’t have a voice.

Meghan just doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut. An article in the UK publication, Mirror alleges that the now-Duchess of Sussex was overheard asking, ‘Don’t I have a voice?’ during an engagement with Prince Harry and her in-laws, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

The article alleges that during an engagement, the Duchess of Sussex is heard muttering, “Don’t I have a voice?” as a microphone is passed from one royal to another. Not to mention, those who were closest to her on the stage would’ve overheard her. From what journalist Sarah Sands wrote, a colleague of hers was at the unnamed event attended by the former Fab Four.

Did Meghan not see that the event was not about her? The only event we’re aware of that the four royals attended together was the one involving the Royal Foundation before the Sussexes were married and Catherine was pregnant with Prince Louis.

Given that Prince Harry was referred to as Meghan’s husband, then the event was likely one that wasn’t publicised.

Our View

Meghan has always been about using ‘her voice’. She has not-so-subtly called the royal family out for stopping her from doing what she wants. First off, there are rules and protocols that every royal has to follow. Meghan was never going to be exception of that rule.

We still believe she was naive going into her relationship with Harry. She thought nothing would change except having a Prince for a husband and fancy title. Sorry, Megs but the world isn’t going to bow down to you. You will never be any form of queen. If you want the power and the even bigger title, you should’ve married William.

Also, whatever the event was probably something that Meghan hadn’t experienced before while William, Catherine (note, not Kate), and Harry had. They were allowing her to sit in on the discussion. It doesn’t mean she wasn’t allowed to voice her own opinions. It’s like with anything. You wouldn’t simply jump into the deep end of a swimming pool without learning to swim first.

Meghan probably thought nobody had heard her comment. Or perhaps she said it because she knew there was a microphone being passed around. Being in the entertainment industry for as long as she was, she would’ve known that if you moved or said something around a mic, whatever was happening was going to be picked up.

We’re not saying that she orchestrated the whole thing. Far from it. We’re just saying that she should’ve thought about the reasoning why she wasn’t allowed to speak up rather than think about her own selfish reasons.

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