Sussex Drama: Meghan Is Going To Lose Her War With The Papers

There’s a paper war brewing and it’s all because of Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex…

Saint Meghan. That’s what her followers think she is she. Now, she has ignited a dumpster fire of a paper war to ‘win’ back her ‘privacy’. Save us from having to repeat ourselves! The Duchess of Sussex is going to LOSE her war with the British newspapers. The only part of her lawsuit she has won so far is to keep the names of five friends who defended her in that People article under wraps.

From the moment the lawsuit was announced it was the same old thing; Meghan crying foul of people ‘invading her privacy’. The paper war is just another object (yes, that is what we are calling it) to distract the world from who the Duchess really is; a diva who has isolated her husband to the point he leashes out every time something ‘cruel’ is said about her.

Now, we don’t care if Meghan is biracial, an American, and divorced. These are all wonderful things, but it is the way she is handling everything that is pissing us (and a lot of people) off.

Meghan Was Never Going To Win Her Paper War

The British newspapers did the wrong thing in publishing something that they had no business releasing. However, Meghan also had no business in suing every publication that wrote ‘horrible’ and ‘untrue’ things. She is attempting to control the narrative of how people view her.

However, the former actress’ pokerface is fracturing and it shows. If she loved Harry the way she claims to, she would not be suing and creating a paper war. Now, before you Sussex squad groupies flood the comments or our socials, you need to understand who your girl Meghan really is.

She is a woman who wants everything to be about her. The Duchess thought she could be the face of a 1000 year old monarchy in a country that is not of her birth. Issue with that is, it already has a spokesperson and her name is Queen Elizabeth II. Meghan naturally thought that if she could charm Harry into falling in love with her, the rest of his family, including his incredibly famous grandmother would follow him and bow down to her every demand.

God was she wrong! Back to Meghan’s paper war, she has had to pay thousands of pounds to the corporation that owns the newspapers for legal costs and if we’re honest, wasting their time.

A Waste Of Money

Since she has been a royal, it has been well documented that Meghan is a massive spender. Just her maternity wardrobe was about a million pounds for outfits she will only wear once. A lawsuit where you’re going to lose every stage expect one is going to be costly. Who knows who is going to win the case in January 2021. If we had to guess, it will be the media.

Now that we’re talking about it, Meghan likes expensive things. Look at the house she and Harry bought in Santa Barbara. Millions of dollars! We wonder how long it will take them to pay off their mortgage.

We can just see Meghan collapsing out the front of the courthouse (if they can get back to the UK for the trial) in tears and screaming how she didn’t get her way.

Finding Freedom To Be Used As Evidence

Remember how pro-Meghan sympathiser Omid Scobie co-wrote that biography? Well, the Sussexes tried to prevent Finding Freedom from being used as evidence in the court case and well, they lost that appeal. So, the book is being used to prove that the duchess breached her own copyright by allowing her letter to her father to be used. We’re confused too.

Also, there’s a video interview that Scobie did where he mentions Meghan’s letter. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the article with the video attached. Also, he’s allegedly going to be a witness in the case. For which side is anyone’s guess and honestly? Who cares? The guy is a Sussex mouthpiece who will do anything to please his idol.

Finding Freedom – from fragments we’ve read – reads like a love letter to Meghan which sings her ‘good deeds’ while Harry is a merely minor character used to make his wife look like a saint. Talk about gag worthy. The book also makes the couple’s sister-in-law, Catherine look like the villain who is jealous of ‘pretty little Princess Meggy’.

Meghan, Harry, and Scobie claim that the Sussexes were not involved with Finding Freedom when it’s actually made apparent in the author’s note which is the following according to Micky:

We have spoken with close friends of Harry and Meghan, royal aides and palace staff (past and present), the charities and organizations they have built long-lasting relationships with and when appropriate, the couple themselves.

Finding Freedom Author’s Note

Now, what does the above quote tell us? Harry and Meghan wanted their story told and wanted someone to buy into their drivel and they got it. In other words, the story was all but written by Meghan to make herself look good.

Social Justice Warriors

Meghan has changed Harry in ways we never dreamed of. He is not the same fun-loving dude everyone loved. She has forged him into being a social justice warrior that preaches that the not-so-subtle message of ‘do as I say, not as a do’.

Now, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with the paper war going on between Meghan and the press. Well, here’s the thing, if she wants to take every news outlet in the UK to court over ‘untrue’ stories, then Harry isn’t even trying to stop her.

We understand that Harry ‘hates the press’ because of what happened with his mother. But, not all media is bad. Look at the Netflix deal as an example. There’s no doubt in the world he and Meghan will be trying to create content that caters to their beliefs like kindness and other junk they’ve been stuffing down our throats.

While we hate Piers Morgan, he is correct about the Sussexes being ‘woke’. All they want is money so they can preach their non-truths to the world. They believe they can change the world, but all they are is the real world equivalent of keyboard warriors.

If the Sussexes want kindness, they should begin by apologising to all the people they’ve rubbed up the wrong way. They should begin with the Queen due to all the lies they have told her. Then, they should move all the way down to William and Catherine whom have been accused of being ‘terrible’ in-laws to the oh-so-precious Meghan.

No one cares what Harry and Meghan say. Well, except their minority of fans who believe all the bullshit they say.

They Just Lost A ‘Major’ Supporter

Before Meghan’s arrival on the royal scene, Harry was very close to Catherine and by extension, her family. One of those people is Gary Goldsmith, the brother of Carole Middleton.

Goldsmith is known for his outlandish opinions but no one suspected he would speak out on the Sussex drama. The royal relative posted and later deleted a post on business social media platform LinkedIn where he tells the couple to “Shut the F up!” according to PerthNow*. He made the remark after reading about the Duke and Duchess’ comments on structural racism.

After deleting the post, he apologised but said he stood by what he said. If you read the post (which exists as a screenshot), he does have a point. The couple are commenting on things that don’t concern them. Yes, Meghan has been the target of racist attacks, but just because they talk about it, doesn’t mean they’re going to do anything about it. They’re not going to raise awareness to it. If anything, they’re only going to say they talked about it as if it’s an item on their bucket list of things they want to conquer.

*note: the source we used PerthNow has a mistake in it. It refers to Gary Goldsmith as Carole Middleton’s sister whereas Goldsmith is her brother.

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