Sussex Drama: Catherine Made Out To Be The Bad Sister-In-Law In ‘Finding Freedom’

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Meghan has never tried to be a model royal and now she has managed to convince Harry that their sister-in-law, Catherine is a terrible person for ‘not getting to know’ her.

Forget what Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand say in their Harry and Meghan biography, ‘Finding Freedom’. The Duchess of Sussex wanted to be top dog, but couldn’t get past her ‘horrid’ sister-in-law, Catherine. Okay, these aren’t the book’s exact words, but that’s the vibe we’re getting.

Catherine and William are being ‘called out’ for not being the joyous in-laws Harry expected them to be when Meghan joined their family. When the now-Duke and Duchess of Sussex did their engagement interview, the Cambridges were praised for being supportive. They were making people hear what they wanted and that makes the couple hypocritical.

How Is This Catherine’s Fault?

How was Kate supposed to be a ‘dutiful’ sister-in-law when she was pregnant with Prince Louis and had her own royal duties to attend to? Also, she did what she could to welcome Meghan. It’s obvious that the two women are very different from each other.

First off, it doesn’t matter that they are from two completely different countries or that one is white and the other is biracial. It has nothing to do with race. Catherine has never discriminated against anyone because of their skin colour. How do we know this? Look at Barack Obama’s visit in 2016 for example.

Scobie and Durand are clearly on Harry and Meghan’s side. They want to make the couple out as these saints who can do no wrong while the royal family are simply evil. Come on! This is not Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!

The Tensions Eased… Slightly In The Beginning

When Catherine and Meghan met, apparently the tension wasn’t as frosty. The former actress gave her future sister-in-law a very expensive notebook and adored Princess Charlotte. Ahh… what about Prince George?

However, the two former commoners couldn’t get past that they were two very different people and their relationship never progressed the way Meghan had wanted. She had expected Catherine to take her out shopping and hang out with her. But, if an article on is any indication, the Duchess of Sussex wasn’t losing any sleep that her sister-in-law wasn’t about to befriend her.

What were the two going to talk about when they had zilch in common? How to braid hair or how to paint one’s toenails?

Could Meghan Have Had It Out For Catherine Given Her Status?

If there’s one thing Scobie and Durand are doing, it’s painting a picture of who Harry and Meghan are together. In other words, sympathetically. They’ve been the duchess’ ‘cheerleaders’ from the get-go. If they think the press are bias about the couple, well so are they. So, is it possible that Megs wanted to be seen in the same light as her sister-in-law as they were ‘equals’?


Here’s the thing though, right? They are NOT equals. Not even close. Catherine will someday sit beside her husband as consort. Meghan, meanwhile will be sitting pretty as the wife as the sixth-in-line to the throne.

For a long time, Harry never cared about being important to the monarchy. He’s always known that his brother would be king and there was little chance of him ever being monarch and he respected that. Now, he’s not the same person he was. Also, his close bond with Catherine, whom he once dubbed, “the big sister I never had” has suffered because of Meghan.

Speaking of Meghan, we’ve asked whether she could see Catherine as a potential threat. Given how the future Queen Consort is written in ‘Finding Freedom’, it’s only natural to think that yeah, the Duchess of Sussex is jealous of the role her sister-in-law plays.

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