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The Bold And The Beautiful: Zoe Says Yes To Thomas’s Proposal, Father And Grandfather Suspicious Of His Motives

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Are Ridge and some of the Forrester family finally waking up to Thomas’s true motives? We got a glimpse of that today when Zoe gives him an answer to his proposal…

Is Thomas about to come unstuck? It would appear that way and we’re looking forward to his downfall. He pushes Zoe to say yes to his proposal of marriage which pushes Douglas’s fears over the edge. However, Eric and Ridge question the designer on his motives for his new fiancée. Naturally, he doesn’t like that they’re suspicious of him. He complains that he already has Brooke and Liam breathing down his neck and he doesn’t need them doing the same.

Meanwhile, Brooke gives Zoe one piece of advice: run. This conversation itself had the to-be-Missus Thomas Forrester defending him… again. In another part of the room, Liam asks Steffy if she’s buying her brother’s sham proposal and she tells him she just wants Tommy to be happy. Typical, but anyway.

Quinn inspects the ring and gives her expert approval being a jewellery designer and all. While all of this was going on, Douglas is still suspicious of Zoe. He doesn’t want her as his stepmother and wants Hope to marry Thomas so they can be a family with Beth.

Thomas goes up to check on his child when he ‘overhears’ the conversation. A smirk crossing his arrogant face as he listens to what he his son wants Hope to do. This leaves his adoptive mother confused and unsure of what to do to ease her little boy’s pain.

One of the best scenes in the episodes was when Eric takes a photo and Thomas questions how he’s going to send it. His grandfather then makes a sarcastic comment about sending the picture to him the old fashioned way… through the mail. As much as we hate the storyline right now, that had to be one of the most enjoyable scene in the whole series in months.

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