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Home And Away: What Does Susie Want With John?


Summer Bay has never been short of at least someone with a hidden agenda. Real Estate Agent Susie seems to have one of her own and it has to do with John, but why him?

Ah, yes. John Palmer. He’s the anti Alf Stewart of Summer Bay and it appears newcomer Susie McAllister knows this. Since her arrival, she has been clinging to him and using the fact that he can sometimes be… ah, a little thick to her advantage. But, the question is why.

We’ve seen her be really rude to John’s ex-wife, Marilyn and she’s rubbed Alf up the the wrong way. Also, Irene is suspicious of her and she has every right to be. However, Justin and Leah swear by her as she has been helping them find a house of their own. So, what exactly is going on there?

In recent weeks, we’ve seen her milk John for everything he’s worth emotionally. Susie has convinced him to allow her to move in with him since he’s no longer married to Marilyn. We’ve seen witnessed her snooping around Palmer’s house. She pulls a face every time see the wedding photo of her target and his ex-wife and has complained about it being out as it makes her ‘uncomfortable’.

Then, the weirdest thing is when she asked about John and Marilyn’s foster daughter, Raffy and their adoptive son, Jett. She was also looking through bank statements and managed to get Palmer in between the sheets, so to speak. This lead to a moment with Maz when her ex-husband stumbled out of the house with his clothes disheveled.

Could Susie Be Looking To Get her Hands On The Pier?

Now, we seem to have gotten a big clue as to what Susie might be up to. When she appeared towards the end of last week she seemed fascinated in the Pier complex. So, is it possible that she is going to use John to get her clutches on the Pier?

Irene is suspicious of her and John was so taken by her that he convinced him that he could take on being president of the surf club. Alf said there was no way he could be win, but he did and Susie was basically rolling in pure joy. It was really odd to watch. So, if she wants the Pier, why did she ask about Raffy and Jett? Is she trying to use John’s good nature to scam her way to a good sale?

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