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Home And Away: Colby Not Out Of The Woods


Survival is essential when you’re a cop in prison…

Being a cop who ends up in prison for murder, it is essential that survival become your first priority. Well, Colby has just been beaten up and he was in a bad way. What was surprising was the first order of business regarding the Home and Away 2021 season premiere was the disguised policeman’s fate.

We see new character Lewis working on Colby as he tries to ensure his survival while waiting for the ambulance to show up. We then head to the hospital were Jasmine and Christian do everything they can to keep him breathing.

This is, of course, awkward for Lewis for reasons we explained in this post. We won’t go over that situation here. Moving on, the new nurse and Tori’s boyfriend work together to ensure that Colby lives. Though, that is where the main post comes in.

Just Because Colby Wakes Up Doesn’t Ensure He Survives

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Now, Colby wakes up towards the end of the episode, but this does not mean his survival is assured. It has happened on different shows before. The patient is fine one second but then dies just minutes later. Arrow pulled this off really well with the death of Earth-1 Laurel Lance. It also pissed people off as she was a fan favourite.

Colby squeezes Jasmine’s hand and later Dean gets a text saying his best friend is awake. However, this means very little regarding the plot of what might go down. If he does die, then his death might be played the same way Robbo’s was last year as a total shock.

However, it won’t be too much of a surprise given how people have been tracking Tim Franklin’s movements on set. He hasn’t been seen in like six months. When someone has been absent for this long, it often means they’ve left.

The Best Part Of The Episode

The best part of the premiere was seeing how creative Jasmine and Lewis had to get in order to smuggle Dean and Bella into the hospital. Because Colby was under guard, no one was allowed in to see him. You know, because he’s a murderer.

Jasmine, feeling that Dean and Bella should see him, had to come up with a way to get them in without the guards knowing. She had to do it under Christian’s nose. However, he catches on and while he disapproves, he agrees to help getting Colby’s family out of the room and away from guards.

We never thought Colby’s survival depended on the a few River Boys trashing the hospital corridor.

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