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Superman & Lois: The Drama Is Set To High For Season 2

The Kents thought that the drama had ceased for the time being, but they were wrong.

Superman & Lois Season 1 gave us every form of drama you could imagine. Season 2 will be no different. With the arrival of John Henry’s daughter, Natalie, the Kents will have their hands full when the series returns. Not to mention, Jordan will have to continue hiding his powers from his girlfriend, Sarah. Moreover, the drama will be at eleven.

Also, Nat will have to deal with being on a different Earth where her mother is alive but is married to a version of her own mother’s killer. Yeah, that confuses us as well. Anyway, the drama will be troublesome for John Henry too. He has feelings for Earth-Prime Lois, despite her not being the version he was married to.

Jonathan, on the other hand, will have to continue living without powers. Furthermore, he’ll be dealing with being in his super-powered brother’s shadow. What’s more, is it seems on the outside that he is okay with this arrangement. But what if he’s not internally? We know in the comics, the character has powers and becomes Superboy. However, his journey in Superman & Lois is different and unique. He could become like Winn was to Kara or like Cisco was to Barry.

How Will Clark Cope With The Added Strain?

One of the biggest challenges for Clark and Lois will be being around John Henry’s daughter, Nat. As fans will know, Clark and Lois were supposed to have a daughter of their own who was also going to be named Natalie. However, Lois miscarried the baby and buried herself in her work to deal with the grief.

With Nat now in the picture, it will be difficult for both Clark and Lois to be around her as she’s the daughter they lost in a metaphorical sense. Jonathan referred to her as his sister when he was going through John Henry’s van.

Clark will have a lot to deal with outside of dealing with Jordan’s continuing power growth. While he would never hurt anyone, that’s not how Nat will see it as she saw a version of him murder her mother on live television. The drama will possibly drive the narrative to the point where it reaches a fever point.

Meanwhile, Lois will have to deal with keeping her miscarriage under wraps for so long. While it was touched upon when Clark spoke to Sam about it and when Lois herself told Jon, Jordan still doesn’t know what happened. Also, it will beg the question of whether she will feel drawn to Nat and therefore, John Henry because of her doppelganger’s history with them.

Clark loves his family, and there is no denying that. Though, it will be difficult to have the girl who could’ve been his daughter around. Everything he went through last season with losing his job, discovering the existence of his half-brother and having to deal with Jordan’s powers was enough.

Chrissy And Lois’ Business Venture

Having Chrissy Beppo on board as a Lois fangirl was pretty fun to watch. It’s clear how much she values journalism and wants the truth to prevail. What’s more, is having her team up with Lois as a co-owner of the Smallville Gazette was an interesting angle to take. Furthermore, this makes us wonder how far this narrative will be pushed. Will Lois eventually have to fess up, and her husband and Superman are the same person? If this does happen, will it put a dampener on their friendship and new business venture?

It will be fascinating to see how the business venture plays out because we’ve got two journalists will two very different approaches. Also, Chrissy idolises Lois. Also, Todd Helbing hinted about the possibility of a proper tie-in to Supergirl that may involve CatCo.

The Cushings Get Closer To The Action

The Cushings will be in a unique position next season. With Sarah and Jordan now dating and Kyle having changed his tune, there is every possibility that they could end up finding out about Clark’s long-kept secret. In an article published by Andy Swift of TVLine after the Season 1 finale, showrunner Todd Helbing said that there might be a chance that Sarah will be told about her boyfriend’s powers. This will also be a sticking point for Clark and Lois as they will have to work out whether they want anyone else knowing of their son’s abilities.

It’s also evident from the premiere of the series that Clark’s close friend and former girlfriend, Lana Lang Cushing has no idea that he’s Superman. As we mentioned earlier, with Jordan and Sarah now dating, it might be difficult for the family secret to be kept, well, secret. Could this potentially cause a rift between the two families? we’re hoping it doesn’t as they get on so well now and we’ve only just warmed up to Kyle after he changed his opinion on Morgan Edge.

If we had to guess, then Lana would be supportive and would understand why Clark kept being Superman a secret. However, Sarah might be a different story.

Morgan Edge Isn’t Going Anywhere

Todd Helbing has said that Morgan Edge/Tal-Rho will return in some fashion, and so will Leslie Larr, his henchwoman. Given their defeat in Season 1, there will need to be a good reason for them to come back. If we needed to theorise on this, we’d say that Clark goes to him as a last resort to deal with whatever the new threat is.

Though, do we want to see Clark’s half-brother reform? Every superhero series needs a foil. In previous Superman projects, we’ve had Lex Luthor and Zod, but having a twisted sibling is more personal. Could he target Lois and the boys? We’ll have to chill and wait.

There are so many things that could happen and we’re so down for it!

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