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Superman & Lois Reveals A Massive Post-Crisis Change

Crisis on Infinite Earths changed the Arrowverse including almost giving Clark and Lois a daughter named Natalie…

This week’s Superman & Lois has the multiverse revealed to Jonathan while Clark and Lois are forced to embrace a new reality. As the intrepid reporter and her son explore John Henry Iron’s RV, the teenager accidentally triggers a weapons system when his mother is out of the van. Before this, he learns about Irons’ daughter, Natalie, and how the guy’s wife is a doppelganger of his mum.

Lois, distraught, calls for Clark and he barely gets Jon out in time. She loses her cool and says things she later regrets. At the suggestion of her husband, she goes to a longtime friend of her father’s.

It’s here that the therapist drops the bomb on the audience; Lois was pregnant a second time after she’d had the boys. She was having a little girl she and Clark were going to call Natalie, after her grandmother. Unfortunately, she miscarried the baby and she jumped deeper into her work to ease the pain. The thought of losing Jonathan bought the memory flooding back hence the reason she lashed out. Also, it didn’t help that the version of her who was married to John Henry Irons had a daughter with the same name.

Later, after the threat at the D.o.D has been resolved, Lois pulls Jonathan aside and apologises for what she said to him. She then decides to tell him why. She brings up her miscarriage, explaining that eighteen months after he and Jordan were born, she was pregnant with their little sister, Natalie but it wasn’t to be. Jon hugs her and says he understand why she lashed out at him.

Lois gives him a new perspective on Jordan having powers and why he doesn’t. She explains that she understands how he feels about feeling helpless when he could be helping.

Over To Jordan And Sarah

Jordan takes a backseat this episode and becomes a support to Sarah as she auditions for the school talent show. It’s also much more obvious that he has a crush on her as Jonathan points out the flowers when he goes to his brother after Lois yells at him.

He also covers for Kyle when he fails to show for his daughter’s audition. Earlier in the episode, we learn something interesting about Jordan. He took piano lessons when he was younger but stopped when his anxiety started becoming bad. This was actually a nice element to add to Jordan’s character as he has spent the last couple of episodes in a real mess of emotions given his super hearing.

Having him become Sarah’s cheerleader brings these two closer together in the best way possible. She might end up being the one to help him through his mental health issues. We heart these two together so much!

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