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Superman & Lois: Could Clark Be A Twin?


Well, this week’s Superman & Lois was something…

Look out, Clark because there’s there another Kryptonian wanting to kill you! This week’s Superman & Lois dropped a bomb on the audience that no one – not even us – saw coming. Seedy businessman, Morgan Edge is actually Kryptonian. Like, what the actual fuck is going on?! Anyway, we found an interesting article by ComicBook which kinda put our thoughts into high gear. What if Superman is a twin but he doesn’t realise it? Now, there’s a few things that point this, but whether this is where the story is headed, we’ll just have to keep watching to find out what happens.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

The Twin Factor

[Credit: ComicBook]

In both the pre and post Crisis timelines, twins played a part in the House of El, no matter how direct.

During Supergirl season 1, we learn very early on that Clark’s aunt, Alura, the mother of his cousin, Kara is an identical twin. Her sister was Astra who had very different ideals to that of her more famous sibling and her niece. What is striking about this, is that not only does this point take place during pre-Crisis but it also mentions something interesting. Twins were rare on Krypton.

Astra mentions during a rather tense conversation that she and Alura often took pleasure in confusing their parents as they were identical when they were young.

Jumping over to post-Crisis and Clark is the father to fraternal twin sons, Jonathan and Jordan, both named in honor of his two fathers; his biological father, Jor-El and his adoptive father, Jonathan Kent. Before this, Clark and Lois only had Jonathan who was a baby as they never had the chance to have other children pre-Crisis.

Now, we’re not including doppelgängers or clones in this as they don’t count.

The Secret Behind Morgan Edge

[Credit: CBR]

Post-crisis has changed a lot of things in the Arrowverse and while a lot of the changes have happened on The Flash, Superman & Lois has not come away unscathed. Outside of Jordan’s sudden existence and the pushback of his and Jonathan’s births, people who have been in the Arrowverse previously have suddenly been altered.

While much of this falls to behind-the-scenes recastings for a variety of reasons, one of really stood out. The recasting of Morgan Edge.

Edge has appeared in the Arrowverse before. He was in Supergirl as an adversary to Lena Luthor in an earlier season before he was sent to prison for his crimes. This was pre-Crisis where he was played by an American actor, Adrian Pasdar. However in Superman & Lois, he’s played by a British actor, Adam Rayner.

While this mightn’t seem odd to most people, there was one other thing; the casting of Angus MacFadyen – who is Scottish – in the role of Jor-El. The actor who played Clark’s biological father in Supergirl‘s first season is unknown. It appears that MacFadyen is using a British accent to play Jor-El. The question is why. Tyler Hoechlin is American. It could be because Clark was raised in America.

Going back to Morgan Edge, this makes us wonder why a British actor was cast rather than an American one if they were going to recast. While this doesn’t really matter as the character is still the same corrupt businessman we know from Supergirl but is more rounded.

Could Superman Have An Evil Twin He Never Knew About?

[Credit: ScreenRant]

It’s possible that Edge is Clark’s evil twin who was sent off Krypton before he was. Also, if Clark is a twin, it might explain why he ended up a father to twins. After all, twins were rare on the alien planet, pre-Crisis so what’s to stop them from re-using that concept post-Crisis too?

We know the reason Edge is in Smallville. He is using the residents because of their exposure to X-Kryptonite to create an army but what if there’s another explanation for this? What if he’s come to destroy his so-called brother’s childhood home? To get back at him for having a better life then he did?

Finally, we need to point out that just because Morgan called Clark ‘brother’, doesn’t mean they’re related. It could be simply because they came from the same planet.

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