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It can be difficult t convince people you’re related to a real-life superhero. We were browsing through our Instagram feed earlier and we came across a post from Screen Thrill who told the story of a young boy named Tom who told his classmates and teacher his uncle was Superman.

The poor lad was bullied and told he was a liar. His teacher chastised him and told him not tell lies. They then told Tom’s mother when she went to pick him up for school that day and her response was, “He’s not lying. His uncle IS Superman.”

To prove a point, the mother called her brother-in-law and told him what had happened. She asked if he could take his nephew to school and he was more than happy to do so. Who is Tom’s uncle? It’s Henry Cavill, the most recent actor to play a big-screen version of Superman.

This is one way to put people in their place. We can just see the look on the students and the teacher’s faces when Henry Cavill walked through that school gate. In fact, he confirmed the story as being true. Now, we’re not being fans of his but we love this story because it shows that he wanted to do a nice thing for his nephew. A lot of celebrities wouldn’t do this because they wouldn’t want to be followed by the paparazzi to a child’s school where it would put the kids there at risk.

Though, Cavill didn’t appear to mind doing a good deed for his family despite the risk of the paparazzi. It also shows the human spirit at its finest moment. If anything, it tells children and adults alike to not misjudge someone who might be telling the truth. Good on Henry for standing up for his nephew.

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