Stargirl: Will Barbara And Mike Accept Pat And Courtney’s Superhero Lifestyle?

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Tensions are going to be flying high in the ‘Brainwave Jr’ episode next week as Barbara will confront her husband and daughter about their superhero lifestyle. How will this impact the story going forward and will she and Mike accept the newly minted Stargirl and STRIPE?

The end of the ‘Brainwave’ episode left us on a cliffhanger as Barbara walks down into the basement to find Courtney with the cosmic staff in hand talking to Pat and questions what’s going on. We have a feeling that next week’s ‘Brainwave Jr’ is going to push things much further in regards to whether she and Mike will be able to accept the superhero lifestyle the two heroes have forced upon themselves.

In the newest promo, Barbara wants to leave Blue Valley after having a go at Pat for ‘dragging’ her daughter into the superhero lifestyle. Then, there’s THIS still we found on Twitter (thank you to our amazing follower StargirlFan for posting this):

[Credit: @wojtasikdamian (StargirlFan) – Twitter]

Barbara has her bags packed and is heading for the door. Then there’s this offical still from the ‘Brainwave Jr’ episode of Pat sitting on the stairs with a bag while talking to a smiling Mike:

[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Who Will Accept The Superhero Lifestyle First?

If we had to guess, Mike will probably accept Pat and Courtney’s superhero lifestyle first due to his smile in the above image. Up until now, the kid hasn’t taken issue with anything, except his stepsister spending so much time with his dad which he has since apologised for.

Mike is a pretty mellow kid and very little seems to bother him. If the aforementioned still is any indication, he probably knows by the time this happens. Though, we might be totally wrong and Barbara just tells him, ‘We’re getting out of dodge, you’re coming with me.’ and doesn’t supply a proper explanation.

We doubt this would happen given he is not her kid. Courtney is. Also, it would be pointless for Barbara to know and Mike to be left in the dark. That would be like that time in The Flash‘s first season where Joe finds out about Barry’s powers and he tells his foster son to keep it a secret from Iris. That did NOT turn out too well.

Will Barbara Be Forced To Accept It?

[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

We know Barbara will react badly to the idea of her daughter and husband being involved in something so dangerous. However, there’s scenes coming up where she will be forced to watch as Courtney fights her boss, Jordan in his Icicle form. We don’t know when this will happen but we don’t have very long wait as there’s only four episodes of the first season to go.
[Credit: @wojtasikdamian (StargirlFan) – Twitter]

If we had to theorise, Barbara might be forced to accept reality if and when she discovers her boss is a villain. It would come as a shock that she’s been working for evil the whole time. As you see in the first screenshot in StargirlFan’s tweet, Pat and Barb watch Courtney fight Icicle. This might be the push she needs to realise Blue Valley needs a saviour.

Depending on what the storyline for Season 2, she may be more accepting if she’s not already. She’s basically the Iris of The Flash Season 1 who was left in the dark. Though, she shares this title with Mike.

How Could Barbara Play Into The Story Once It Cools Down? What Mike Could Do?

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[Credit: Fangirlish]

If there’s one thing we want to happen with Barbara it would be that she plays a role similar to Eliza in Supergirl. She could offer sage advice to the JSA and be their den mother. Okay, we don’t see Kara and Alex’s mother too often. Though, every time she’s popped up that’s what she’s done.

She might even act as a spy within the American Dream for the JSA. She can get Intel they and Chuck (Beth’s goggles) can’t. Though, this might be a bit awkward for her given the impact Jordan has on her. She may even pull a Cisco and be tech support with Mike.

Speaking of Mike, what could he do once he knows about the superhero lifestyle? He might join forces with Barbara and be tech support or be an informant. It’s hard to tell what he’d do. All he’s done is eat sugar, play video games, and do his paper route. Oh, and yell at Courtney and then apologise for his outburst.

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