Supergirl: Winn Is Back And He’s In Trouble!


Everybody’s favourite Super friend Winn is back, but he’s in trouble with the law for something he didn’t do!

When it was announced Jeremy Jordan was returning to Supergirl as Winn, fans were so excited to see what the super friend had been up to since he left the present day. Turns out so much has happened in just two years. He’s married to a woman named Ayla and they have a little girl, Mary however, there’s more to the story.

In this week’s episode, Back from the Future: Part One, Winn has become a wanted a man. He’s been framed for murder by his own evil doppelganger thanks to Lex. If caught and sentenced, our Winn could never see his family again.

While this is tearing him up inside, he requires the assistance of his present day friends. We learn some much about his new life that we just had to talk about it!

Ayla and Mary

When present-day Winn returns we learn so much in just the first few minutes of his arrival. As mentioned before, he reveals he married and he and his wife have a daughter named after Mary, Winn’s estranged mother.

We don’t learn too much about them other than Mary is about two years old, meaning her parents would’ve gotten together not long after her father’s arrival in the future. Andrea mentions to Kara that Winn has been gone for just over two years.


When Kara takes Nia to The Tower to meet Winn for the first time, it’s mentioned that one of his best friends in the future is Nia’s so many great-granddaughter, Nura who has similar powers to her. After she panics when she has a dream of Brainy turning into a tiger and killing her, Winn goes to talk to her.

Due to his friendship with her great-granddaughter, he tells her that Nura helped him fashion his legion ring with powers as he is the only human Legionnaire. He also shows her that one of the powers the ring has is dream energy, fashioned after her and Nura’s powers. He also says that since he and Nura are so close, she would kill him if he didn’t give her credit for the prep talk he gives Nia.

Best Dad

After his chat with Nia, Winn talks with Kara who says he must be the greatest dad. While he says he tries, it’s revealed that he and Ayla did name their little girl after his mother. It was either that or Winnifred which he was not thrilled with. What surprises Kara the most is that they almost named Mary after her.

According to Winn, his wife pushed for their daughter’s name to be Kara. Apparently, people were naming their daughters Kara after her so they decided on Mary instead. Beaming with pride, he says that his little girl is his legacy.

The Future

Upon his reunion with J’onn, Winn learns about the merging of the Earths. This includes everything that has happened since he’s been gone. He’s surprised everything shown to him however there’s something we noticed.

With all the (Arrowverse-related) Earths being merged into one Prime Earth, Winn has no recollection of this as the future has not happened yet. It’s confusing and we’re not about to research how the future operates but whatever. As the saying goes, nothing is set in stone.

What Happens Next?

After Brainy’s confession to Winn of having to work with Lex, Winn is seen enjoying Game Night with his friends, including Kelly and William. However, this is only half of the story. We have a three week wait for part two which is really lame, but at least we’ve got Winn back on screens.

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