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SuperBowl Unveils New MCU Disney+ Teaser


It was the SuperBowl over the weekend and that means trailers for upcoming projects. That includes the upcoming MCU television series.

Marvel Studios is pulling out all the stops for phase four of the MCU. The SuperBowl over the weekend showed fans exactly what to expect for the upcoming Disney+ television series that are getting ready to drop in 2020 and 2021.

A 30-second teaser dropped containing footage from WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki. Here’s the promo:

[Credit: Marvel Entertainment – YouTube]

What’s exciting about this promo is we’re learning new little things about plot even if it is just minor. We’re going to break down piece of information as we go over the footage and explain what some of these things mean, beginning with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) will return in their first adventure after their bestie, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) handed the Captain America mantle to the Falcon.

Our first shot is Sam pulling the shield out of a tree.

[Credit: Marvel Entertainment – YouTube]

It looks like Sam is practicing throwing it around, but it also might mean something else. In the comics, when Wilson takes on the Captain America name, he’s met with some resistance. It’s possible there might anger involved depending on when this shot takes place.

The following gif is what came after the above shot:

[Credit TENOR Keyboard]

This could very well be the first scene in the first episode where Bucky comes in.

Disney GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
[Credit: GIPHY]

This above gif shows some guy with a gun. It might be Baron Zemo as he has been confirmed to be in the series.

[Credit: Marvel Entertainment – YouTube]

This shot shows Sam flying through a canyon in his Falcon suit, may take place a little while after Steve gave him the shield. It might also link with the people in wing suits from earlier.

[Credit: GIPHY]

The next gif we’ve got is Helmut Zemo. Bucky does not look impress and has pulled a gun on him. Then we see his metal hand dropping bullets. Now, we don’t actually know if these two shots are from the same scene.

Maybe Bucky and Zemo are going to be forced to team up for some reason and it doesn’t go down well with Sam or with Sharon, who we know will be in the show.

[Credit: Marvel Entertainment – YouTube]

In this shot, we’re at a football game where a Captain America lookalike runs onto the field. This is Wyatt Russell’s character, John Walker/U.S. Agent.

[Credit: Marvel Entertainment – YouTube]

What’s happening in this shot? Hmmm… Perhaps Sam and Bucky have had a disagreement over something. Maybe Bucky sees someone lurking down the corridor.


The SuperBowl trailer had some great moments from the upcoming WandaVision. It’s going to be as twisted and reminiscent of old style sitcoms and we’re plenty excited!

Wanda Maximoff Vision Wandavision Avengers Sitcom Mcu Marvel GIF

In the gif, you can that this might be the first time Wanda ‘reunites’ with Vision since his death in Infinity War. How this comes to happen is unknown. Does Wanda suffer a break down and ends up creating an alternate reality where Vision never died?

It’s going to be so awesome to Wanda finally take on the Scarlet Witch name!


Wanda’s ever changing looks in the trailer show how many times the setting changes. We see her as an old fashioned housewife, a bride, a version of the classic Scarlet Witch, a pregnant woman in the 80s and a 90s housewife, similar to Roseanne.

Note how Wanda is pregnant in one shot. In her womb are her children from the comics, Wiccan and Speed. Given how fast they’ll grow in the series, they’ll likely to end up being used in a Young Avengers project later down the line. We’ve already been introduced to Cassie Lang who is a Young Avenger alongside Wiccan and Speed.

[Credit: GIPHY]

Because of reality warping, we see Wanda enter in colour while the background and Vision are black and white. Something clearly happens to cause Scarlet Witch to end up here.

[Credit: Multiverse]

When the SuperBowl trailer jumps again, Wanda is no longer pregnant. Instead, Wanda is dressed like Aunt Becky in Full House. Fun fact, Elizabeth Olsen aka Wanda/Scarlet Witch is the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen who shared the role of Michelle Fuller on the sitcom.

Going back to the cribs, you can see two dummies floating in the air. This is the twins using their powers to scare their mother.


Towards the end of SuperBowl promo, we were surprised to find a clip from Loki. The series only started filming two weeks ago. Here’s what it showed:


The series only started filming two weeks ago so it’s surprising they would include footage at all. In conclusion, we’re just happy that we’re getting hints of what is to come.

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