Nothing says comic book heroes quite like Marvel. In this section of Project: Fangirl, we’ll be covering the female heroes and villains of Marvel with Super of the Week: Marvel. This section is the sister to the upcoming Super of the Week: DC Comics page.

We’ll be covering every aspect of the females within the Marvel universe from character breakdowns to mapping out their past lives. Beginning with Gwen Stacy, the characters will receive a deep analysis into their lives in the comics. The series won’t just cover the heroes. We’ll also be covering the female villains from time to time. We won’t be posting about Marvel characters every week. There will be an alternation between Marvel and DC characters from week to week.

Super of the Week: Marvel was started as the first half of a series to shine a light on female supers. The characters covered here are both familiar and forgotten characters within Marvel media. Project: Fangirl does not have any affiliation to Marvel in any way, shape, or form. This series exists as a fan blogging project only. We will honour and respect all characters, properties and fan opinions of everything covered.

Be sure to check to back to the blog each Tuesday for a new hero analysis.

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