Nothing says comic book heroes quite like Marvel. In this section of Project: Fangirl, we’ll be covering the female heroes and villains of Marvel with Super of the Week: Marvel. This section is the sister to the upcoming Super of the Week: DC Comics page.

We’ll be covering every aspect of the females within the Marvel universe from character breakdowns to mapping out their past lives. Beginning with Gwen Stacy, the characters will receive a deep analysis into their lives in the comics. The series won’t just cover the heroes. We’ll also be covering the female villains from time to time. We won’t be posting about Marvel characters every week. There will be an alternation between Marvel and DC characters from week to week.

Super of the Week: Marvel was started as the first half of a series to shine a light on female supers. The characters covered here are both familiar and forgotten characters within Marvel media. Project: Fangirl does not have any affiliation to Marvel in any way, shape, or form. This series exists as a fan blogging project only. We will honour and respect all characters, properties and fan opinions of everything covered.

Be sure to check to back to the blog each Tuesday for a new hero analysis.

We Love Our Black Superheroes And Now Is Their Time To Shine!

Black Superheroes will be the future and we deserve them…


All In A Name: A List Of Comic Book Bruces

No matter if you’re a DC Comics fan or more into Marvel, there is always going to character names that sound similar. In the first edition of our collection of lists, we’re going to explore all the different characters named ‘Bruce’…


How The Villains Of Today’s Superhero Genre Are More Three Dimensional

Three dimensional villains are essential when it comes to comic book multimedia projects.

Wonder Woman

Super of the Week: Wonder Woman

She’s the first female superhero in DC Comics, but Diana Prince’s Wonder Woman is so much more than a female in a leotard. The heroine has the strength of a god and the heart of an Amazon.

firing line

Marvel THEORY: Could One Of Spider-Man’s Nearest And Dearest End Up In The Firing Line Of Newest Villain?

The currently untitled Spider-Man 3 has been pushed back to November 2021, due to the unforeseen COVID019 crisis. However, that hasn’t stopped people from speculating what’s next for our favourite web-slinging Avenger. Though, does that mean one of his closest allies will find themselves in the firing line?

Black Widow

Super of the Week: Black Widow

She’s the super spy that has spent much of her time in the MCU as a side character. However, Black Widow has shown she is just as much an Avenger as her male counterparts.

Cassie Lang

Super of the Week: Cassie Lang

She’s the daughter of Scott Lang, but this doesn’t stop Cassie Lang from being a hero.


Marvel Rumour: Could Yelena Belova Actually Be Working With Taskmaster And Thunderbolt Ross?

There’s a new rumour floating around that there might be more to Yelena Belova than originally thought when she makes her MCU debut in this year’s Black Widow…

surrogate family

Why Surrogate Families Are Important To Natasha’s MCU Journey

Natasha Romanov’s story might be over, but there’s more to her cinematic journey than you might think…


Super of the Week: Supergirl

She comes from a famous lineage of Kryptonian heroes, but Supergirl is more than the Man of Steel’s cousin. She’s a powerhouse all in her own right.

Squirrel Girl

Super of the Week: Squirrel Girl

She’s got a squirrel as a best friend and she’s full of life! Yep, we’re talking about the unbeatable Squirrel Girl!

Poison Ivy

Super of the Week: Poison Ivy

She’s green and she’s bad. We’re talking about Harley Quinn’s BFF and occasional lover, Poison Ivy!

MCU Shows

Disney+: Release Dates Unveiled For MCU Shows

We’re getting more information on the upcoming MCU shows that are set to drop on Disney+!


SuperBowl Unveils New MCU Disney+ Teaser

It was the SuperBowl over the weekend and that means trailers for upcoming projects. That includes the upcoming MCU television series.

Renee Montoya

Super of the Week: Renee Montoya

As the final article in our Birds of prey coverage, we’re covering the policewoman who had a romance with Batwoman in the comics, Renee Montoya.

Owen Wilson

Loki: Owen Wilson Joins Tom Hiddleston’s Disney+ Series

Well, this was unexpected! Owen Wilson has joined the Loki series on Disney+!

Cassandra Cain

Super of the Week: Cassandra Cain

She’s one of a long list of Cassandras in DC Comics. Cassandra Cain is known as a lot of things, but this year, she’ll be making her big screen debut in Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn).

Uncle Ben

Spider-Man: What Happened To Uncle Ben?

One of the biggest mysteries in the MCU is what happened to Ben Parker…

Helena Bertinelli

Super of the Week: Helena Bertinelli

Continuing on with our coverage of the upcoming Birds of Prey film, we’re going to be covering the Helena Bertinelli version of Huntress.

Dinah Lance

Super of the Week: Dinah Lance

She’s the daughter of the OG Black Canary, but there’s so much to Dinah Lance than meets the eye. Get to know her before the release of The Birds of Prey movie. The daughter of the original Black Canary Dinah Drake, Dinah Lance is the frequent partner of Green Arrow and a metahuman in her …

Harley Quinn

Super of the Week: Harley Quinn

Is she an antihero? Is she a hero? Perhaps she’s a villain. We don’t really know when it comes to the unpredictability that is Harley Quinn. To celebrate the upcoming Birds of Prey movie, we dive into the mind of Joker’s on-off girlfriend.


MCU Retrospective 2019: The Characters Who Made Their Avengers Debuts In Avengers: Endgame

This year has been huge for Marvel. All three of their films have reached $1Billion at the box office. Let’s look back in retrospective fashion at the heroes who made their Avengers debuts in Avengers: Endgame.


Everything We Know About The Loki Disney+ Series

As Marvel moves into its fourth phrase, we’ve learned in recent months that Loki would get his own show. What exactly happens though if there was a female version of him? How much chaos would that cause?


Black Widow: Trailer Breakdown

In our last post, we included the recently released Black Widow trailer. Now, we’re here to break it down!