Summer Lovin’ Skincare! 5 Products You Need To Use This Summer!


2020 is finally here and it’s now the middle month of the Australian summer. Sure, it’s only the second day into the new year, but your skin might be suffering from dryiness. If you’re always going out into the sun, going to the beach or to the park, you might need to consider what you do with your skin before you leave the house.

We’re going to examine five products that you just have to use this summer!

1. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

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Okay, so, Vaseline is a common element to most skincare regimes Just hear us out. Vaseline locks moisture into the skin and holds it until the effects wear off. It’s perfect for everyone and can even be used on your pets if they have dry noses. We use Vaseline mostly for lip care. Also, if you have babies, it’s also great to use for nappy rash.

2. Paw Paw Ointment

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You might have heard of Paw Paw Ointment and seen it in the supermarket in either a tub or in a tube in the beauty section with the skincare products. We’ve used Paw Paw Ointment for everything over the years, especially on sores and and insect bites. What’s great about the product is it smells amazing and it works quickly. We’ve applied it to insect bites and the sting disappears in a couple of minutes.

3. Vaseline Intensive Care

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Nothing says summer, quite like dry skin. The Vaseline Intensive Care range doesn’t just include moisturer but hand cream too. We’ve been using both products for years and what we love is that absorbs into the skin quickly and isn’t greasy when used correctly. We used to get the spray-on version but we can’t get it it at the supermarket anymore so we have to get the bottle.

4. NIVEA Soft

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We’ve recently enjoyed our experiences with the NIVEA Soft cream. It’s body cream with a difference that can be used on the face and hands and have the same effect. We use it as face moisturer after getting out of the shower. We also bought the small Soft mix creams that we’re experimenting with too. The reason we use it on the face is because we have oily skin and moisturing helps deal with the oil.

5.  Neutrogena Oil-Free Pink Grapfruit Cleanser

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We’ve suffered with oily skin all our lives and we’ve always found a way to fight back against acne. We use a number of skincare products in the shower and one of them is Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Pink Grapefruit Cleanser. It smells amazing and feels great on the skin. We’ve tried a few face washes but we’ve always gravitated back to this one. However, the only issue we’ve had with it is the hefty $14 price tag.

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