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Coffee Spotlight: Nescafe 98% Sugar Free Latté

Sugar Free Latte

Ever wanted to try a sugar free latté? We have so you don’t need to…

Coffee Spotlight is back but with a twist. Since Coronavirus has made going out almost impossible without a mask as the rules here in New South Wales, my home state here in Australia, I thought I would revisit an old column I started a while ago. When I was doing my internship at ClassBento in 2019, I would buy coffee before I headed to the office. Since I have a stack off supermarket coffee in the cupboard, I thought I would bring the Spotlight back for good measure. Let’s begin with Nescafe’s newest experiment, the 98% Sugar Free Latté.

Now, I’ve wanted to bring the column back for a while, but I’ve just been too lazy to do it. Since it is the new year, I thought now was the perfect time. Expect to see a load of other reviews coming soon.


This is going to be a very short review as there’s not really much to say other than, what the hell were Nescafe thinking?! Stevia in a latté? This isn’t the Stevia Coca Cola that was bought out a while ago. THAT was okay. This ‘sugar free’ latté has virtually no taste and that’s WITH Almond milk.

The sugar free latté is bland and just has the texture of a normal latté. Unlike most satchet coffees, the powder dissolves much quicker when stirred and if you’ve go it in a keep cup, it stays hot and not luke warm.

I expected a lot better from Nescafe. I love a lot of their products this is a fail and should be canned from the supermarket self. This isn’t coffee, not even in the slightly. It’s more like a tasteless hot chocolate that takes faintly like coffee. Won’t be buying this again, though I will be reviewing the other other two products in this sub-brand; the mocha and caramel latte.

To learn more about the 98% Sugar Free Latté by Nescafé, check out the product page on the Nescafé website.

Nescafe’s 98% Sugar Free Latté receives ⭐️ (one star out of five)

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