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Superman & Lois: Jordan To Continue To Struggle With His Reoccurring Powers


For Jordan Kent, the struggle has always been very real, especially with his mental health. But, after discovering he has a limited power set thanks to his Kryptonian heritage, it’s still going to be difficult for him going forward…

He’s the Kent son that was never meant to exist. But thanks to Crisis on Infinite Earths, Jordan Kent is very much alive and kicking. However, unlike his outgoing brother, Jonathan, he is the polar opposite and the struggle to be like him is very real.

Since discovering that he has superpowers like their father, Jordan’s found it more of a struggle as he has been told by the AI of his late biological paternal grandfather and namesake, Jor-El that because of his half-Kryptonian genetic makeup, his powers will never manifest the way his father’s have. This was a crushing blow for him as he thought he would be to do the same things Superman (aka dear old dad) can.

For Jonathan, he has been jealous of his brother getting powers and he doesn’t. He has even taken to calling Jordan ‘Superboy’ out of spite. However, deep down he seems pleased that something is going right for his twin for once.

What Next Episode Could Tease

Jordan’s struggle to accept that his powers will come and go is bound to reach fever point where he lashes out. Given he has social anxiety disorder, it’s easy to see why he would take out his grievances on those around him. He had something good going for him and then it got snatched away really quickly.

Also, the cheek Jonathan has been giving him isn’t exactly helping matters. From a promo that was released after the fifth episode aired:

[Credit: The CW – YouTube]

Jordan says that he thought his powers would bring him closer to those around him but they’ve been doing the opposite. This is probably after the kid that broke his arm in the Pilot finds him. The guy demands to know what he did to him. Clark is later seen telling him that he needs to be careful. He doesn’t know how powerful he is, nor does he realise what damage he might do.

As Jor-El states, Jordan’s powers will never be up to par with his dad’s. This upsets him greatly. It all comes down to DNA. Given he is only half-Kryptonian, his powers will come and go but never stay permanently. This will cause tension with his father who will struggle himself to help him overcome this set back.

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