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The Bold And The Beautiful: Vinny Acting Strange And Thomas Begins To Notice

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Thomas’ best pal Vinny has started to act real strange and the Forrester designer is beginning to take note…

Vinny has always been a loyal friend to Thomas, though there are only so many things he will tolerate. However, he will always look out for his best interests, even if they’re not the right ones. In today’s episode, he has started to display some strange behaviour.

Apparently, Thomas has started to notice that something is going on with his pal given all his furrowed and confused expressions. All Vinny has been talking about the last few episodes is how it would be great if Steffy’s baby was Liam’s and not Finn’s.

Everyone else, which includes Thomas has said that they want the baby to be Finn’s. When Tom got the call from Ridge that Steffy had texted him about the baby being Liam’s, in the background, you could see Vinny struggling to hide a grin. Why is he so happy about this when his pal is upset?

This within itself is strange. We have theorised how we suspect there’s more to this storyline than just a paternity drama. In recent years, Steffy has had a DNA test done to determine who Kelly’s father was; Liam or Bill. Now, she has found herself in the same dilemma.

If Vinny has gotten himself mixed up in switching the results then how is Thomas going to feel when he finds out?

Vinny Should Think Before He Leaps

Sure, Vinny’s heart is in the right place when it comes to Thomas, but wanting his BFF to have his dream girl is not the way to show loyalty. It will only undo all the process that has been done.

Vinny knows how far Thomas has come since he had brain surgery. He is finally in a good place with Ridge and stepmother Brooke. He is also doing well in supporting Hope through the drama with Steffy, Liam, and Finn. So… why does he want to ruin it?

Thomas has told Vinny to mind his own business. While he will always love Hope and how much Douglas would want them together, it is all about her happiness. If Liam makes her happy, so be it and he’s willing to accept that.

Vinny argues that Liam is a waffler (finally someone says it!) and that Hope deserves better. While Thomas agrees with him, at the end of the day, the adoptive baby mama is the one who needs to be happy.

It is a nice change to see that Thomas is taking a stand for something that doesn’t concern him.

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