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Bold And The Beautiful: Paris Stands Her Ground With Zoe And Liam… Just Sit Down And Shut Up!


Okay, we’ve said this before and we’ll say it again, Zoe is jealous of Paris’s relationship with Zende. Good for her for standing her ground and Liam just needs to sit down and shut up!

Zoe needs to back off Paris! Good on the younger Buckingham for standing her ground. Also, Liam’s apologies to Hope mean NOTHING. Zero. Zilch. He can cry and grovel all he wants but he still slept with Steffy because he thought with his penis and not his head. Sorry, but it’s true.

Today’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful was just… cringeworthy and not really worth watching. We all knew how Zoe would react to Paris’ new job and the fact that Zende kissed her sister to stop her from leaving Los Angeles. Also, there was no doubt Finn was going to call Steffy out on that bloody canvas on her wall of her and Liam in happier times.

We’ve talked about the paternity situation with Steffy and who the daddy could be. Not to mention, we’ve mentioned how we think Liam is the father though we haven’t yet touched on how Brad Bell is a liar when when he said Steam would not be revisited. That’s for a later post, we think.

Anyway, let’s get into it.

Ground Stood! Go Paris, Go!

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Zip the lip, Zoe because Paris just stood her ground against you. Now, she’s getting the feeling that something’s off with her sister and she’s right.

Her reaction when Paris said she wanted a chance with Zende was all we needed to know. Zoe wants the fashion designer to wait in the sidelines for her in case something goes wrong with Carter. Question is, does she even want the COO?

Paris should have total control of her life and she should not be allowing her big sister to tell her what she can and cannot do. There’s more to Zoe’s tantrums than just her jealousy over having someone else go after Zende. She doesn’t want her sibling becoming more beloved at Forrester Creations than her.

What makes this so frustrating is that Zoe is getting worked up over nothing and it’s beginning to show. Carter knows something’s off and so does Paris. She would never admit to having feelings for Zende because she’s with another man. It is also abundantly clear that the designer moved on. His crush on the model is now gone and he’s moved onto her sister. Plain and simple.

Stop, Liam! You’re Just Making It Worse!

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There was no doubt in our mind that Hope was going to be heartbroken over Liam sleeping with Steffy. Given all the history and bad blood, this was bound to become an even larger raging dumpster fire. There’s meant to be two confrontations this week where the two come face-to-face. Also Spencer and Finn are going to fight about it too.

Liam just doesn’t know when to quit. A LOT of fans have voiced their displeasure at how he’s never happy unless he can have both of them readily available in case something goes amiss with the one he’s with currently. We’ve spoken before about how it’s always a double standard with him.

Having him on his hands on knees and begging for Hope’s forgiveness shows just in love with Steffy he still is. Hope even said that she wants him to admit he still has feelings for his ex-wife. The look on his face ultimately backs it up.

Finn Calls Steffy Out On The Photo She Still Has One The Wall

don't care; obsessions
[Credit: Soap Dirt]

Finn is gob-smacked to find out that his beloved Steffy isn’t perfect like he thought. He also questions her commitment to him while also pointing out that the canvas of her and Liam in ‘happier times’ is still hanging on the wall. It’s here he asks if she still loves her ex-husband which she denies.

We know this a massive lie. If she didn’t still love him, she would not have allowed herself to get drunk and slept with him. If she cared about Finn at at all, she would not have tried to hide her one night stand from him. She thinks that keeping it secret would’ve prevented everyone pain, especially Hope given their history with Liam.

Finn is an honest guy who clearly adores Steffy and treats Kelly like his own. It would be uncharacteristic for him to lie and say that the portrait on the wall didn’t bother him. Soap Dirt posed the question as to whether he will forcibly remove the photo if his girlfriend doesn’t.

Thomas already called his sister out on keeping the portrait up. Actually speaking of the eldest Forrester sibling, Liam even has the nerve to blame him for making him cheat with Steffy. Like, seriously, dude? You’re treating the guy like he’s Satan. Yes, he kept the secret about Beth to himself, but he’s not like Shelia who has never changed.

Finn has even made the point that he is uncomfortable with Liam walking around Steffy’s house as if he has a right to be there. He’s a 1000% correct. The guy does not understand how unnerving it must be for his ex’s new boyfriend to see a photo up on the wall. Sure, it’s there for Kelly, but is it though? We’ve questioned this a million times before. He is beginning to see his girlfriend who she really is; forever obsessed with her ex.

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