Holy Crap! There’s A Robin Coming To Batwoman!

Stephanie Brown

We did not see Stephanie Brown coming to Batwoman at all!

We’re finally getting a Robin back on television and not in a “fuck Batman!” type of way! Thanks for the reminder of how much you hate your adoptive father, Grayson! Stephanie Brown, one of two female Robins will be joining the Bat Team in an upcoming episode of Batwoman, according to Entertainment Weekly. Her story will be part of the ongoing storyline surrounding Kate Kane’s (Wallis Day) brainwashing from Engima on the orders of Black Mask who believes her to be responsible for the death of his daughter, Circe.

The involvement of Stephanie Brown comes when her father Arthur Brown aka Cluemaster becomes a centrepiece villain. She also develops a close relationship with Luke Fox but whether this will be romantic one or not is yet to be seen. Also, it will be interesting to see whether she was actually Robin back when Bruce Wayne was Batman. Or there is another possibility. She could’ve just become Spoiler, which was her other alias in the comics.

Stephanie Brown
[Credit: Entertainment Weekly/Comicbook]

The photo above was released by Entertainment Weekly. It shows Stephanie Brown and Luke sitting on a couch and it looks like she has odd-looking tattoos. This could be some kind of code which is how her father may come into it. She has something he wants and he has to get to her which is why she turns to Luke and the Bat Team. Another thing here is that she’s a redhead rather than being blonde like in the comics. Could it be possible that she’s a nod to Barbara Gordon who has red hair?

Whatever the case is, Stephanie Brown is going to be an interesting character to have on Batwoman. This is also her first live-action appearance, so it will be fascinating to see how the whole thing plays out.

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