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Chronicles Of Harkle: Prince Harry Makes Claim He And Meghan Stepped Away From Royal Family But Didn’t Step Down

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When you think Prince Harry couldn’t become any more stupid, he does just that. and it’s beginning to become really insulting. During his interview with James Corden, the Duke of Sussex made the claim that he and Meghan did not ‘step down’ from the royal family but made the ‘step away’. Ahhh… that’s just another way of phrasing it. They couldn’t hack it because of the ‘toxic UK media’. Spare me already! I’ve also covered the Hollywood Bus Tour that he took to record his ‘tell-all’.

Is Prince Harry really that thick? He was fed lines by Meghan to make them look sympathetic so people would go “Aw! They really did have it bad.” Please, I beg you just stop! The world is no longer falling for their crap. This was made evident by The Daily Star in the UK publishing some cracker covers which point out how the couple scream for privacy but are always in the media for some reason. Good on them for calling it as they see it.

All this bull about making the step away sounds likes something sugary sweet from Meghan’s playbook. All Harry is doing is pasting and copying things she says. She has changed him so much that he is virtually unrecognisable. This is what William was afraid of. Markle came in and essentially brainwashed him, knowing he wanted to have what his brother did.

When you look at all the evidence of what went down in 2019 from going to film premieres to pitch to Bob Iger and not memorial services for dead servicemen to telling the Queen they couldn’t join her because Archie was too young to instead vacationing with Elton John in France, the list of lies just keeps on growing.

To Step Away Means To Drop Everything

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Harry’s drivel about how he and Meghan took a step back and did not step down is just shit. Who is he trying to fool? When you ‘step back’ from something, that generally means you drop everything. In the Sussexes’ case, it would mean being stripped of everything including their titles.

While the dukedom has not been stripped from them, everything else has. Harry’s honorary military honours have and so have various other things. Though, he has been allowed to keep a couple of his patronages which includes the Invictus Games which he helped start.

Meghan, however, has only been allowed to keep her work with Smart Works and Mayhew. Ouch! I think Prince Edward would be the perfect candidate for the theatre charity.

The Sussexes are clearly made for each other given their combined disrespect for the monarchy. They believed they would be allowed to keep everything that was put on hold for them. Nope. You actually have to live in the UK to be able to have these honours. Not to mention, you would likely abandon them and do their own thing to be ‘financially independent’.

I feel sorry for Prince Charles who had to give them the cash for all Meghan’s pricy purchases. Look at how much her first maternity wardrobe ended up being.

Harry Might Say The Step Away Was His Idea But We Know It Wasn’t

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[Credit: Showbiz Cheat Sheet]

When the statement came out last year about the Sussexes wanting to step away from their duties into a new role within the royal family, a lot of people’s bullshit radars went off. This would not have been Harry’s idea. Until Meghan showed up in his life, he tolerated royal duties and he loved joining William and Catherine on their engagements.

Now, he’s allowed Meghan to badmouth them… for what reason? They come from very different places than the former actress. The Cambridges had assembled a balance where they could work on solo projects and together when needed. Markle got upset because her new sister-in-law wouldn’t take her shopping and hang out with her. As I’ve said before, Catherine is also a mother to three young children who at the time were all under the age of eight. The kids were toddlers and she had to deal with her own work as well.

Catherine also didn’t owe Meghan anything. They are very different women in terms of personality. They also have zero in common unless you count the fact they married into royalty.

All Harry is doing is taking the heat off Meghan as Megxit was created by the press under the assumption that she was responsible for the royal family split. I don’t think ‘Harxit’ works very well. She is the one who cried in his arms and said that the UK media is racist and the people and his family aren’t much better and blah, blah, blah. All they’ve done is use the same card time and time again and the world, no the UNIVERSE is sick of it. They now see through the act.

Did Harry And Meghan Think About Archie When They Declared The Entirety Of The UK Was Toxic?

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[Credit: Page Six]

Archie was born into the UK and got to meet the Queen when he was only a few days old. Who knows if he’s seen her since then. Did his parents think once about how their move to the US would affect their son growing up? He’s going to feel ‘abandoned’ because the rest of his father’s family don’t know him. He’s going to be one of those relatives you almost forget exists. The same applies with his sibling. They will never know their great-grandparents or the rest of the family.

I’m willing to bet that Archie will ask his father one day if he has siblings and Harry will tell him he did and tell him small things about his Uncle William, Aunt Catherine and cousins George, Charlotte and Louis. This will probably be where his mother steps in and says that they have nothing to do with them because that side of the family is ‘toxic’.

Archie and his sibling will likely grow up believing this to be the case. Then, some time in the future, something happens and they find out that what their mother told them isn’t true. I would love to be a fly on the wall if something like does happen.

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