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The Bold And The Beautiful: Steffy Rages At Ridge About Shauna

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We never thought we would hear Steffy defend Brooke, but she has every reason to this time. She rages to her father about Shauna and how she became mixed up in their lives to begin with.

Never in a million years did we ever think that Steffy would defend her on-off stepmother, Brooke. While we hate the heiress, we kinda liked seeing her defend Hope’s mother for a change. She rages at her father when he reveals he kissed Shauna, the woman Quinn calls her BFF.

In Steffy’s eyes, the Fultons can never be forgiven as Flo placed a stolen baby in her arms and claimed to the birth mother. We see where she’s coming from and why she’s siding with Brooke. The Forrester matriarch was lead to believe her granddaughter was dead for months while the Vegas mother-daughter duo lived the high life.


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Brooke and Quinn continue to rage at each other while issuing threats that are not threats… Whatever. Mrs. Eric Forrester thinks she has a chance against her newest rival and believes the whole family will back her up over Brooke.

There are some members of the family who will side with the jewellery designer like Thomas who hates Brooke’s guts. However, it’s unclear where Eric and Ridge would sit. The situation is so tense that when Brooke takes phone call, Quinn slips alcohol into her juice knowing she was once an alcoholic.

For those of you who thought this was just a throw away plot device, think again. Eric unintentionally mentioned Brooke’s issues with the bottle a couple of episodes back.

The Brooke/Quinn Issue Won’t Spiral…

forever tied
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Steffy and Ridge are kidding themselves if they think the whole feud between Brooke and Quinn will simply frizzle out. They want the top spot and they both stop at nothing until they get what they want. However, they will have to fight tooth and nail to get the family to side with them.

If we could predict the future, Steffy would probably side with Brooke given her feelings towards Shauna and Flo. Though, she’s a wildcard and could end up siding with anyone.

Plenty Of Eye Rolls And Rages

Steffy; rival's plan
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Steffy does a load of eye rolling when she hears from her father what’s been going on with him and Shauna. She says she understands Brooke and her rages. One of the best parts of the episode was Steffy berating her father saying he’s still technically married to Brooke.

She also points out that no one has ever gotten along with Quinn and that even she’s had some run ins with her.

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