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The Bold And The Beautiful: It Takes Two To Tango


The Bold and the Beautiful needs to stop having characters blaming Steffy or Liam for their affair. They BOTH cheated on their partners…

The paternity drama surrounding Steffy’s unborn second child is already causing havoc. She is currently unable to get a test done to determine who the daddy is. Meanwhile, people are already holding her or Liam responsible for their affair.

While it is true they had a one night stand, Finn is blaming Liam for the affair while in upcoming episodes, Brooke takes it out on Steffy for ruining her daughter’s marriage again. FYI, guys. It takes TWO people to cheat.

Liam is not a perfect human being and neither is his ex-wife. Yes, he was the one who didn’t check his facts before he jumped between the sheets with Steffy. However, she could have told him “no”. She didn’t do this to show she will do anything to get back the life they had together. She never cared about Finn’s feelings. He was merely her Plan B since she couldn’t have her ‘dream’ man.

Finn Should Have Listened To Thomas

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Hot doctor Finn should’ve listened to Steffy’s brother, Thomas. The man might be psycho, but he knows his sister and Liam too well. They will bounce back together. Yes, they have Kelly to raise, but even if they didn’t, they would find a way to get into each other’s beds.

Thomas wouldn’t throw his sister under the bus, but he’s just as tired of Liam jumping to conclusions as we are. His warning to Finn serves as a reminder that an affair takes two people. Steffy should be getting the same amount of blame from her partner as her ex-husband is from Hope.

Liam is the world’s larger waffler and he jumps into a situation without thinking about it first. Like Finn said, he should’ve gone into Thomas’ apartment to confront him. That way, he would have seen it wasn’t Hope he was kissing but a mannequin.

Steffy And The Portrait On The Wall

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Steffy’s indecent approach to living out the fantasy she has of wanting Liam back in her life has become a problem. Thomas called her out for keeping the portrait she has of her ex-husband and her on the wall when they’re no longer together. She can claim it is up for Kelly’s sake but we know it’s not. Hope has even called her out on this and god it was good!

Finn has even said that seeing the photo of his girlfriend and her ex-husband on the wall every time he enters the house is insulting. He tolerated it for her sake and Kelly, but he can’t hold it in any longer and he told Liam this.

The photo holds the same meaning the one of Quinn does in Forrester Manor; power. The jewellery designer and her step-granddaughter are so much alike it’s not funny. They have a strong hold over their men.

Quinn’s portrait has such a hold on her that she believes she is the Forrester Matriarch because her husband is Eric. The one of Steffy is basically a stab in the gut for Hope. Every time she is over at the cliff house she has to see it. When the Logan heiress confronts her about the affair with her husband, she points this out.

For Steffy, she won’t openly admit she still loves Liam and deep down wants the child to be his. The portrait is more than just a symbol of their past love. It is also depicts her as the mother of his firstborn child.

Finn And Brooke Need To Step Back And Remember And Affair Involves More Than One Person

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Brooke and Finn need to remember that an affair takes two people or more. It is not Steffy’s fault or Liam’s individually. As we stated earlier, the stepdaughter of the Forrester matriarch could’ve told Liam “no”. She didn’t think Finn once or about how this would affect Hope.

Liam only wanted to see what his mind thought he saw. Brooke should be blaming him and not just Steffy for their affair. Finn needs to be hold his girlfriend accountable for the idea that her unborn baby might not be his because she chose to sleep with her ex.

She was always looking for some excuse to go back to Liam and baby could be the thing she needs to do just that.

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