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And It’s Baaack! Steffy and Hope At Each Other’s Throats Due To A Text Message

Steffy; turned a corner

It was never going to last. The peace between Steffy and Hope disappeared as quickly as it appeared due to unresolved feelings and a text message…. Let the cat fights begin for the umpteenth time!

Steffy wants Liam back even if she doesn’t say it out loud. When her ex took Beth to see her and Kelly, she admitted she liked the family they’d formed before the truth came out about the swap. However, we never thought a text message would start an argument between the step-siblings.

Liam was wrong to take his daughter with Hope to see Steffy without telling her first. Then the Forrester heiress texted her baby daddy which irked his second child’s mother. What was the worst part of the whole dilemma was the way Ridge’s spoilt brat said all the Logan family does is take from the Forresters.

The nerve of that woman! Beth was never her child and shouldn’t be claiming that Hope ripped the infant from her. While Steffy loves Beth as her own when she thought the child was Flo’s, she has no right to accuse the baby’s biological mother of snatching her from her arms.

When we see Steffy writing the text message, we see her smirk as she sends it. It hit us like a ton of bricks that she knew Hope would see it. She is no better than her asshole of a brother who is still abusing his son.

The way the heiress smirked as Liam told Hope off was enough to make us throw our laptop out onto the grass of our front yard! That woman is so two-faced and self-important that she believes she’s the only woman Liam should be with.

Also, why is she still obsessing over Beth when she has her own daughter?  She rants to Hope that she allowed her stepsister to have time with Beth after she got her back and that she was focusing on her own kid. We see Beth more than we do Kelly! She’s a terrible to that little girl when she’s playing favourites with the child she thought she lost!

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