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The Bold And The Beautiful: Are Fans Turning Away From ‘Steam’?

Liam; Steam; falls apart

No matter what your views on the current B&B storyline, it should be noted that nothing is more important than the Steam and Lope pairings. However, it appears one of them is on the way out…

Steam. Leffy. No matter what you choose to call the pairing of Steffy Forrester and Liam Spencer, we’ve some terrible news for you: they’ve fizzled out. Yes, we know they’ve shared two kisses, but it in the heat of the moment. Sorry to burst your bubble. However, in today’s episode, it appears even Ridge’s daughter knows the relationship is history.

Steffy remarks to Liam when they’re spending time with Kelly and Beth that he always has to save Hope. As much as we hate to say this, she’s right. He always has to jump in to save the day. She then tells him that he chose to propose to his younger daughter’s mother.

Now, Liam is a huge waffler. When he feels tension with one baby mama, he jumps back to the other one. Fans are TIRED of it. After browsing through the The Bold and the Beautiful Twitter feed, we found this:

[Credit: Twitter – @BandB_CBS]

Reading the comments surprised us. We don’t normally, but this time we did. A lot of people are tired of Liam’s flip-flopping ways and want Steffy and Hope to get new love interests. They’re not wrong. The whole Steffy/Liam/Hope debacle has been going on over a decade. Yeah, it’s been that long. Basically, the love triangle is a rehash of Brooke/Ridge/Taylor. Bo-ring!

Then there’s people like Ridge, Thomas, and Bill. They want Steffy with Liam because “That’s where he belongs.” Come on! All Stephanie Forrester II has done is cause turmoil. She slept with her father-in-law, basically lied about her then unborn daughter’s paternity which forced her husband to walk out on her. Yeah, she’s the one who should get the dressing down.

Liam isn’t much better. He jumps between his baby mamas because ‘he misses his daughters’. If he loved them equally, he would take Kelly down to see Beth. Why does she [Beth] always have to go to Steffy’s? Why can’t Kelly go to her?

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