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The Bold And The Beautiful: The Creepiness Of The Thomas And The Mannequin Storyline Just Brings Us Back To Steam


Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful are tired of the back and forth of the Steam and Lope couplings. So, it looks like Hope is out and Steffy is in, however, she’s dating Finn and the current Missus Spencer hasn’t done anything…

What goes around, comes around… right? In regards to the Steam pairing, it was only a matter of time before Liam jumped back into bed with Steffy. However, it has nothing to do with Hope but the waffling Spencer heir thinks his wife has hooked up with his ex-wife’s loony brother, Thomas. *bangs head on desk* Let’s recap, shall we?

Last week, Liam goes to confront Thomas about something at the apartment that was once Vinny’s. What he sees when he gets there freaks him out to the point he runs straight to Steffy. He tells her that he saw his wife, kissing her crazy, obsessed brother.

However, unbeknownst to Liam, Thomas wasn’t kissing Hope. He was making out (we kid you not) with the evil mannequin who has been inside his head tempting him to take back ‘the love of his life’. We see this week that Tommy will be taken to hospital in a bad way.

Was The Mannequin Storyline Just A Way To Bring Back Steam?

Now, we thought the show had turned a corner and had ended Steam for good, replacing it with Sinn. While this was good for a while, it was only a matter of time before Liam got the wrong idea about Hope and Thomas and jumped back to Steffy.

While we hate Thomas, he was right about Liam’s actions. Every time there is a break down in communication with him, Spencer goes right back to his ex-wife. However, this time is different. She is in a committed relationship with Finn who simply adores her and loves spending time with Kelly.

For a while, it was awesome that Thomas had given up on his obsession with Hope and wanting his sister to have her family with Liam back. A few knocks to the head was bound to change that and with the Hope for the Future mannequin now pulling a Chuckie, it was all going to tumble down around him.

We have to wonder if the mannequin storyline was just a different route of getting Steam back together. To have both Steffy and Liam cheat on their significant others was only going to make for terrible storytelling. Sure, Brad Bell made the joke that they chose to write the mannequin in because it didn’t have to forego COVID testing, but that’s beside the point.

The writers don’t listen to what the fans want. Us fans want nothing more than a fresh storyline where characters aren’t jumping back and forth. So, no love triangles of any kind, like ever again. It’s just lazy writing.

The Fallout: Hope And Finn Get Duped!

Thomas’ warning to Finn about Liam doing a 180 and going back to Steffy was going to come to pass. He knows his rival’s pattern too well.

Liam doesn’t think twice about anything. He thought he saw his wife was making out with the guy who is obsessed with her. Wouldn’t the sensible thing to talk to Hope about it before he did anything rash?

On Steffy’s side, she doesn’t think about Finn once while she sleeps with Liam. The poor guy adores her and she still has that photo up on the wall of her ex for the sake of their daughter? Please! She is keeping it up for herself. We can just imagine how Finn feels about that. To top it off, he already has reservations about his girlfriend’s former husband. Thomas told him enough stuff to last him a lifetime.

Hope is going to be devastated to learn that her husband has slept with his ex-wife… again. He hasn’t even talked to her about the whole Thomas thing and he’s just making assumptions.

The Audience Knows The Truth

As the audience we know what actually went on. Hope had to go back for her purse when she left it in Thomas’ apartment. She left afterward.

However, Thomas was caught between reality and a hallucination bought on by several knocks to the head. The mannequin tempts him into think it is Hope and he ends up making up with it. This what Liam saw when he peeks into the apartment.

We all know Steffy refuses to listen to word Liam says about her brother. Hope is the same as she sees how much Thomas has put focus on being a good designer and dad to Douglas. However, she never says no to sleeping with her ex-husband. The last time this happened, Tommy boy used drugs to get his rival into bed with his sister.

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