Since When Is It Stealing From Harry And Meghan?


It is no secret that the Sussex fanbase is a bunch of nutjobs. However, they’re not involved in the world enough to know that there are such things as coincidences. Also, Harry and Meghan did NOT invent certain styles, so to any Sugar out there reading this, get off your high horses! Not the Sussexes didn’t come up with anything. They stole things and are having their supporters claim other people are stealing from them.

In this post, we’re going to be breaking down some of the things the Sussex Squad claim the Cambridges and other royals “stole” from the Sussexes.

White Coat

So, the first one we’re going to cover is the white coats that Meghan and Catherine have both seen wearing. Now, the picture of Catherine we’ve put above isn’t what we were looking for. If you want a better reference, look at the feature image of this post for better context.

Anyway, the Sussex Squad has been accusing the Duchess of Cambridge for “stealing” outfit ideas from Meghan. Moreover, this is where they’re wrong. Catherine in the image above is wearing a coat DRESS. Not an actual white coat. There is a difference between a coat and a dress.

This is like when Kate was accused of stealing Meghan’s Tartan look when she [Catherine] had worn Tartan years earlier.

The DoC was accused of wearing a tartan scarf, which according to a Sussex Squad member, was stealing from Meghan, who wore a Tartan coat in Scotland in 2017. However, we were able to disprove that it wasn’t ‘theft’ by digging up a photo of Catherine in 2013 wearing a Tartan scarf.

Hand Holding PDA

According to the Sussex Squad, only H&M are allowed to hold hands in public. If another royal couple does it, it’s stealing. Umm, right. They didn’t invent the concept of PDA. Catherine and William are incredibly professional when they’re out in public working. You rarely see them display affection towards each other outside of the occasional loving glance.

When their tenth wedding anniversary rolled around in April, the Cambridges released a couple of incredible photos where they looked as loved up as ever and yes, they were using PDA. We’ve followed William and Catherine since their engagement in 2010 and from memory, we’ve only seen them hold hands one other time which was after their wedding.

The Combined Monograms

So, this next one came up a while ago on social media where the Sussex Squad were complaining that the Cambridges had stolen the idea of combining their monograms from Harry and Meghan. Again, they haven’t done their research. The picture of the cake above is the Cambridges’ actual wedding cake from 2011 and as you can see, the monograms were combined.

We’re pretty sure 2011 came before 2018.

The View From Behind

Someone mentioned this next one in a video and on social media. For the life of us, we cannot remember who bought it up. So, anyway, when the photos from the Earthshot Prize were released, the Sussex Squad were screeching that the Cambridges were stealing the Sussexes’ signature black and white shot of the back. Sure, whatever you guys think because we’re pretty sure Her Majesty did it well before Harry and Meghan were even alive.

The Pantsuit

We all know that some of the royal ladies love a good pantsuit. Catherine looks amazing in them as we’ve seen. However, the Sussex Squad believe that Meghan came up with the trend. After a quick Google search, there are loads of images of other royal women from all over the world who have worn pantsuits over the years.

As you can see from the two above photos, Meghan’s idol (and mother-in-law), Princess Diana wore pantsuits during her lifetime. She was famous for them. So, does that mean that Diana copied Meghan? *gasp* Other royal women, we’ve found to have worn pantsuits include:

  • Her Majesty The Queen.
  • Anne, Princess Royal.
  • Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.
  • Queen Maxima of the Netherlands.
  • Queen Letizia of Spain.
  • Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.
  • Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge.
  • Princess Charlene on Monaco.

For a full list, take a look at  Emily Rekstis’ article in US Weekly. Or, Google the subject and see what you come up with.

Some Fun (Sarcastic) Honourable Mentions

To finish this post, we thought we’d poke some fun at other things that may (or may not) go through the Sussex Squad’s heads. Please bear in mind that we’re joking and this is not an accurate depiction of what the truth is. However, some of these points do contain true life information.

  • Only Meghan can wear a tiara on her wedding day but no other royal bride can.
  • Lilibet is the only granddaughter of Princess Diana to be allowed to have the middle name ‘Diana’.
  • Only Harry is allowed to wear a navy blue suit.
  • Harry and Meghan are the only ones allowed to talk about climate change even though Prince Philip and Prince Charles have advocated for decades.
  • Only Meghan is allowed to wear Diana’s jewels because she’s the best daughter-in-law.
  • Meghan’s full name is Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex.
  • It’s okay for Meghan to look at the camera because she’s a real princess.
  • Lilibet the first American Princess when Princess Grace of Monaco was an American and Princess Leonore of Sweden was born in America.
  • Archie was the first biracial royal born even though Lady Davina Windsor was married to a Maori man and had biracial children with him.
  • William is stealing Meghan’s idea of writing a book.

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